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Requirements to become a Firefighter in Texas

Individuals must meet the following minimal standards becoming considered for employment for almost any uniformed place within the Euless Fire division.


  • Minimal age is 19 years once of entrance examination. No optimum age.


  • Highschool diploma or
  • G.E.D.
  • Must certanly be able to speak, review and compose the English language fluently.


  • Qualified Firefighter/Paramedic; or
  • Qualified Firefighter signed up for Paramedic class within 3 months of graduation; or
  • Licensed Paramedic;

Driving History:

  • Must possess a valid Driver’s License and then get at least a Texas Class “B” permit inside the time set up by the department.
  • Should have a driving record that reflects only three going violations or avoidable accidents, or any combo thereof, in the past 3 years. Going violations and avoidable accidents which can be suggested on individuals record but they are above 36 months old may be considered on an incident by instance basis.
  • No driver’s permit suspension previously three-years.
  • No DWI or DUI within a decade. Determination on qualifications after 10 years are at the discernment associated with the fire main.

Criminal Record:

  • Should never have accepted towards the commission of, or ever already been convicted of a crime or any criminal activity involving moral turpitude or even the equivalent under State or Federal legislation and/or Code of Military Justice.
  • Should never have now been convicted of, including becoming on courtroom purchased community supervision, deferred adjudication or probation, for almost any offense of the level of Class B misdemeanor or above (or equivalent) within the past five years with the exception of DWI\DUI that will be ten years.
  • Must-have no class “C” misdemeanors for family assault/domestic violence in the past three-years. Events happening beyond 36 months should be considered on an instance by situation basis.
  • Must not be under indictment for just about any criminal offense.
  • Should not be desired by any police force department at the time of application to add traffic warrants.

Usage of Illicit Substances:

  • No unlawful drug use inside the a couple of years before examination. Must show no trace of drug dependency after a physical examination, blood test or any other health test. Any unlawful drug use beyond two years is evaluated on an instance by instance foundation.
  • Mustn't have mistreated or misused lawfully acquired prescription medication(s) or illegally used prescription medication(s) of some other individual in the past couple of years. However this time framework may be waived or extended by the Fire Chief in line with the particular situations, the medication involved and elapsed time because the final incident.

Credit Rating:

  • Will need to have a credit rating which shows a consignment to spending debts. Elements which will be considered range from the type and few debts, the reason for any bad debts, any extenuating situations in addition to possibility of any credit relevant issues affecting the applicant’s judgement and stability.

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