Nevada Volunteer Fire

Volunteer Fire Department in Texas

20th yearly Cook-offFire Chief: George Nors, Sr.

Fire Marshal: Harold Pfleiderer

Address: 111 S. Reagan St., PO Box 97, West, TX 76691

Mobile: 254-826-5110. City Hall: 254-826-5351

*Reporting a fire or control burn contact McLennan County Sheriff’s Office 254-757-5222

The West Volunteer Fire Department was created in 1894 once the western Hose Company no. 1. 1st equipment for western Hose Co. #1 had been a Hose Reel drawn by a rope tied to a volunteer’s seat horn. Inside late 1890s the apparatus was upgraded to a fire truck attracted by a black stallion. Because of the change associated with century a two horse “Modern Seagraves” Fire Carriage was bought. In 1915 1st motorized apparatus ended up being purchased – a Cadillac Hose Truck with a 40 gallon chemical container. The first “pumper” for Fire Dept was a 1925 Reo with a 500 gpm (gallons each minute) pump. In 1929 a Ford Model the was included with the Fire Dept. fleet.

The fire department was originally stationed into the historic town hallway, then your town garages, last but not least had been moved to its current location in 2003. The existing firehouse was paid for because of the work of the all volunteer fire division through fundraisers for instance the Annual West Fire Dept. BBQ Cook-off presented in March. The volunteers raised half the resources to create the fire residence and also the spouse ended up being purchased by the City of West.

The fire division presently hinges on pagers for its 33 firemen, and nevertheless is determined by the noisy sirens for the City. City of western is rated at a Class 5 through ISO.

Fire Alarm Warnings
1 blow Small Fire (out-of-town)
2 blows Fire Drill or fulfilling
3 blows Major Structure Fire
4 blows Use of JAWS
9 blows

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