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Volunteers in the Fire Service

Southside Fire/EMS & protection features 5 divisions with each being a by themselves condition chartered volunteer fire division. If you should be thinking about getting a volunteer, you must are now living in the unit location given below. Exclusions might designed for particular conditions at discernment for the main.

Southside Division: includes Vernonburg, county part of East Montgomery crossroads, east associated with Casey Canal including Halcyon Bluff, Crest Hill, Mayfair II, Heatherwood Subdivisions, and areas east of Skidaway Road, including Norwood Ave, Nottingham Woods, Majestic Oaks, Laroche Ave around the city limitations.

Island’s Division: includes Wilmington Island, Whitmarsh Island, Talahi Island, Oatland Island, and the subdivisions of President Street immediately west of Island’s Expressway Bridge to our facility 14 on President Street.

Skidaway Island Division: includes all Skidaway Island.

Montgomery Division: includes Ferguson Ave, Burnside Island, Diamond Causeway as much as Skidaway Narrows River, while the southern element of Whitfield Avenue around Truman Parkway.

Seventh District Division: all unincorporated regions of Chatham County, west of Forest River to the Bryan county line, Ogeechee Road (Hwy 17s) as much as Savannah town restrictions, includes Southbridge, Berwick, Quacco path to Pooler city restrictions and minimal Neck Road.

Volunteer drills & meetings are held as follows:

Southside unit:
Facility # 1 – 10703 White Bluff Rd
Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm

Island’s Division:
Facility # 4 - 155 Wilmington Island Rd
Monday nights at 7:00 pm

Skidaway Island Division:
Facility #5 – 553 McWhorter Dr
Monday nights at 7:00 pm

Montgomery Division:
Station #6 – 214 Shipyard Rd
Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm

Seventh District Division:
Station number 3 – 2009 Grove Point Path
Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm

*please note some time times can vary.

Is Education Included?

The Easy answer is “YES”. As a fresh volunteer, you will be expected to go to at the least 40 hours of exercise time before you is going to be voted on for membership. Next, any condition requirements for your level of firefighting reaction must certanly be satisfied and preserved annually to carry on with your firefighting career as a volunteer with Southside. Not merely do you can expect regular volunteer exercises, and we offer State recognized courses, Georgia Fire Academy courses, FEMA-GEMA-CEMA classes, and live-fire training burns regularly. All full-time career employees may go to these classes too.

For those seeking full time work with Southside, we choose NPQFF 1 & 2, NREMT-I, and GA protection Officer Certification in addition to experience in volunteerism. We do provide all these programs during season free of charge to our volunteers (with 1yr & good standing) also to our full-time personnel as required.

Our full-time firefighters would be the greatest trained in the region with a minimum of three (3) State or Nationally recognized certifications: NPQFF1, EMT, & GA safety Officer. Our volunteers may want to be at any one of those levels as well and many do. As a minimum, a volunteer must complete Module 1: Basic Firefighting with live fire burn to meet State skills as qualified interior structural firefighter. Volunteers might also elect to continue and be NPQFF 1 & 2 qualified and apply for State Certification as a firefighter. All full-time workers should be State Certified of their first 12 months of work.

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