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WA Firefighter

DNR works together with exclusive contractors in front of each fire period to bring in equipment and services whenever extra resources are expected. We've standing agreements with a huge selection of personal businesses willing to operate in assistance of your efforts, plus usage of a national community of thousands much more.

These resources tend to be designed to protect our State’s forests to enable them to develop, livelihoods are shielded and also the general public is kept safe.

Report wildfires to 911

It's also possible to call 800-562-6010 to report wildfires on DNR-protected land.

Initial Combat

DNR bases crews and equipment off a large number of locations over the state being fight wildfire efficiently across 13 million miles of exclusive, condition and tribal-owned forestlands. When circumstances enable, DNR's aviation and helitack sources in many cases are a significant part of the agency's rapid response attempts.

As the greater part of wildfires tend to be human-caused, therefore challenging predict, lightning storms can be forecasted. When lightning is anticipated and fire problems tend to be concerning, don’t be surprised if you see DNR Wildfire teams pre-positioned call at the industry in order to respond rapidly.

Pre-season Instruction

DNR actively works to provide instruction to a huge selection of people with cooperating companies every year. This consists of people in our nationwide shield, regional fire areas, equipment providers, and our personal crews. Training collectively ensures a safe and efficient wildfire reaction.

Coordinated Partners

Either regional DNR area wildland firefighting causes or neighborhood fire areas, specially if the fire is near a community, could be the first to respond to a wildfire. That is why DNR actively works to offer local fire districts with training and gear before fire period. To be able to rapidly control wildfires implies becoming better in a position to protect natural sources, general public safety and property. It means there’s less chance that fire will grow and increase.
DNR participates with the Northwest Coordination Center to handle interagency resources. Regional districts may call on DNR sources to aid their particular attempts. DNR region offices could also call on agency-wide resources, regional fire districts and agency lovers for aid. Whenever a response calls for more crews, help staff or equipment, additional support is required off their statewide-partners with firefighting capabilities, or may escalate to a nation-wide needs. If a wildfire grows to considerable dimensions and complexity, DNR may further request an Incident Management Team. If this happens, the fire is turned-over to a very skilled wildfire administration group which commands of all the interagency resources in collaboration with neighborhood expertise until the circumstance has actually passed away and fire is circulated back again to the local DNR area.

Behind-the-scenes assistance

DNR staff, correctional crews and others keep firefighters given and base camps operating smoothly. These camps are not ready to accept the unescorted public for safety factors, to protect effectiveness and because firefighters can be catching up on much-needed rest at any time associated with the day or evening. Please respect their privacy.

Base camps may also be unable to take contributed products, which we recommend are better used by matched neighborhood, non-profit providers. Whenever required, event managers may work through these regional groups regarding materials.

Base camp trips for youngsters among others might be coordinated, in the event that situation enables, with a fire’s Public Suggestions Officer (PIO). With a PIO's help, matched visits provides a glimpse of base camp life in a way that does not interrupt the significant work underway.

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