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Volunteer Firefighting Grants

The Volunteer Fire Aid Grant (VFA) program is made possible because of the Federal Cooperative Forestry Aid Act of 1978. The grant is a 50/50 coordinating resources program. Its purpose should make resources accessible to outlying fire organizations the acquisition of wildland firefighting equipment such transportable backpack pumps, Nomex protective garments, hand resources, hard hats, hose pipe, lightweight radios and dry hydrants.

System Capital

The Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant system is funded by the U.S. Forest Service and administered because of the ny division of ecological Conservation (The Department). The Department obtained an appropriation greater than $400, 000 when it comes to 2016 national fiscal 12 months.

Match Requirement

Fire departments permitted use may get grant financing as much as $1, 500 for the buy of firefighting equipment. Fire divisions must similarly match (50/50) the quantity of the grant honor. As one example, a fire division is needed to invest up to $3, 000 on acquisition of approved firefighting gear in order to be reimbursed an equal grant quantity as much as $1, 500.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. One fire department offering an outlying area or outlying neighborhood with a population of 10, 000 or less is eligible (newest census).
  2. Region fire divisions (fire districts, townships, etc.) may provide an aggregate population of greater than 10, 000 provided the service area of the fire division includes an outlying location or rural neighborhood having a populace of 10, 000 or less. The VFA financing can be used to profit the outlying populace.
  3. One county or town with a populace of over 10, 000 this is certainly offered by a couple of fire districts operating entirely inside the bounds of county or town may be considered provided the solution area of certain fire department includes a rural location or rural neighborhood or the population of this fire department's jurisdiction is 10, 000 or less. The VFA capital can be used when it comes to rural area.
  4. An individual neighborhood with a population greater than 10, 000 and achieving a single fire department with one or more fire channels may be considered. The fire division must have something location which includes a rural area or community that does not meet or exceed 10, 000 communities. The VFA funding can be used limited to the advantage of the outlying population. Similarly one community with a population higher than 10, 000 that can provides fire protection to an adjoining rural neighborhood of 10, 000 or less populace by contract can also be qualified offered the VFA capital can be used entirely to aid the rural community.
  5. An individual neighborhood fire department providing a population higher than 10, 000 and never providing security to a rural area or to an outlying neighborhood is certainly not qualified to receive VFA financial assistance.

A fire division's success or failure in receiving a grant is founded on a spot system with things received for:

  1. Population (ex: under 1, 000 = 10 things; 1, 000-2, 000 = 9 points, an such like)
  2. I.S.O. rating (ex: score of 9 = 10 things; 5/5x = 5 things; 8 or less = 1 point)
  3. Newly organized department = 10 things
  4. Local United states Indian community in protection area = 10 things
  • Points will undoubtedly be deducted on a pro-rated foundation from the total of these four factors if a grant was awarded to your fire division within the past 5 years.
  • A spot for use in the future many years is going to be added for each year the applicant submits a VFA grant application and does not obtain a grant prize.
  • Just one application per neighborhood jurisdiction will likely to be considered.
  • Only costs straight related to fire suppression qualify for financing [purchasing transportable pumps, portable backpack pumps, hand resources, hose, light-weight fireproof garments (Nomex), difficult hats, turnout equipment, private safety gear, lightweight radios, generators and dry hydrants]. Grant money can not be applied to any solitary item costing $5, 000 or more.
  • Expenditures in a roundabout way associated with firefighting, like search and relief, acquisition of land, building of structures and facilities, significant device expenditures and upkeep products are not entitled to capital.
  • Upon notice of receiving a VFA grant honor, fire divisions have to complete all give procedure documents by October 31, 2016. This method includes: purchasing gear, offering copies of invoices as evidence of acquisition, and scheduling an equipment evaluation by a local NYS Forest Ranger.


Programs is accepted by post at:

NYS Division of Ecological Conservation

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