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On behalf of the gents and ladies for the Oakland Fire Department, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We comprehend the need for community accessibility and information circulation, and I also wish this website offers you the required resources to improve your understanding of fire security, avoidance, and readiness.

Established in 1869, the Oakland Fire division has a rich reputation for committed and committed gents and ladies attempting to provide the most useful degree of service to the residents and visitors of Oakland. They are trained professionals, adept in a variety of cutting edge disaster reaction abilities, and excited and happy with their capability to serve. They provide through programs such as for instance fire and relief reaction, crisis health reaction, technical rescue, liquid relief, hazardous product reaction and aircraft/rescue firefighting.

Crisis response begins with your 9-1-1 Dispatch Center. This Accredited Center of Excellence supplies the highest amount of crisis dispatch; our is extremely knowledgeable associated with the fire code and plant life management system; our visible Public knowledge Division has built strong partnerships with neighborhood schools, libraries, head start programs, and senior and community facilities.

Emergency readiness is a core purpose of the Oakland Fire division. Communities of Oakland giving an answer to problems (CORE) teaches self-reliance skills and assists establish reaction teams to deal with town until professional disaster response employees can arrive. Because very first responders will likely be overwhelmed during a catastrophic event including a major earthquake in the Hayward fault, it is important that neighborhood users will be ready to be self sufficient when it comes to first 72 hours or longer during an urgent situation.

Since the Chief of the Oakland Fire division, I am pleased to lead a business that takes pride with its service and strives to excel in its dedication to the town of Oakland and its residents. Holding on to historic values found in most of the fire programs, a few of that tradition, and all of the pleasure tends to make me happy is part of this company.

Once again, thanks for checking out our website, and I also wish you discover it helpful. Feel free to contact us regarding extra information you might need.

Teresa Deloach Reed
City of Oakland, Fire Chief

Towards Fire Division

The town of Oakland is safeguarded all of the time because of the over 500 fire solution professionals associated with the Oakland Fire Department(OFD). The Oakland Fire Department had been incorporated on March 13, 1869 and it is the actual only real fire and relief company serving the town of Oakland.

The OFD is composed of eight (8) divisions, including: Fiscal and management solutions; crisis Management providers Division; health Services Division; Fire Prevention & help providers Bureau; and also the Field Operations Bureau.

The Operations Division reacts off 25 Fire Stations, situated for the City while the International Airport, operating a fleet of 24 motors, 7 Trucks, and numerous other unique businesses, help, and book units throughout 3 Battalions. The OFD reacts to approximately 60, 000 crisis calls annually, with more than 80percent being emergency medical services calls.

Throughout its storied history, thirteen firefighters have made the best sacrifice in-service for the City while having lost their resides into the line of duty.

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