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Volunteer Fire Department in Wisconsin

Volunteer organizations existed prior to the incorporation for the town of Kenosha under the condition of Wisconsin. March 8, 1851 a work to incorporate the Fire Department associated with City of Kenosha passed the state Senate and Assembly and ended up being finalized by Governor Nelson Dewey. The Kenosha Volunteer Fire Company had been arranged and gear was purchased: two hand pumpers, the “Park City” and “Star”, and one hook and ladder vehicle.

December 30, 1903, a resolution ended up being drafted to dispense with the volunteer division also to institute a system of 12 telephone call guys become appointed by the Chief, at the mercy of call whenever you want and be compensated a regularly reported wage.

January 1, 1922 the two platoon system was instituted. The firefighters had been divided in to two categories of 21 guys each, for an overall total of 45 staff members. Formerly there were 31 guys in the department. Each man worked 3 days after which had one-day down. They are able to however leave for dinner, therefore the number of guys available was tiny in certain cases.

On February 26, 1935 initial safety squad automobile had been commissioned. It was to be utilized exclusively for relief work. The rig ended up being a remodeled Lincoln Phaeton squad automobile.

All firefighters were now competed in first-aid and provided training to carry out all emergencies.

Inside autumn of 1962, the Fire Department thought the task of operating the city ambulance service formerly went because of the Police Department. March 11, 1967 25 people passed the initial crisis healthcare Training. This would be the start of the higher level training and enhanced Emergency health providers.

August 13, 1988 the Fire security House had been donated towards city. The unit allowed for simulation of "smokey" problems to instruct evacuation methods. The instructional tool had been the first of their type in condition of Wisconsin. It can later on become the focus of this fire prevention programs.

At this time, the Kenosha Fire Department is a fulltime, expert Fire Department. You will find 156 employees, 7 stations and 32 pieces of apparatus within the department. The fire department safeguards the resides and home of 94, 450 residents within 25.43 square kilometers.

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