Fire Department, Florida

Fire Department Florida

The City of Panama City Fire division serves a lovely coastal neighborhood with a populace of around 35, 000. Panama City is situated in the central panhandle of northwest Florida along St. Andrews Bay. This location is immediately next to Florida’s Inter-Coastal Waterway in addition to blue-green oceans regarding the Gulf of Mexico.

Division Dynamics
In providing our community, the Panama City Fire division comprises the Administrative Division, Operations Division, Fire Training Division, Fire Prevention and Public knowledge Division, Logistics, such as the Firefighters when you look at the Operations Division the department’s complete staffing 83 personnel working collectively being achieve the solitary goal of safeguarding our community from perils of fires along with other emergencies.

The Operations Division is lead by the Assistant Fire Chief and staffed as follows:

  • 3 Battalion Chiefs, 5 Captains, 13 Lieutenants, 16 designers, and 34 Firefighters
  • Division of Training, Fire Prevention and Public knowledge comprising a Division Chief, Lieutenant Fire Inspector / Investigator, Civilian Fire Inspector / Investigator, and Fire Prevention Support Specialist
For precisely the particular divisions and their features, begin to see the additional page links regarding the navigation menu.

Comprehensive Emergency Planning
The weather in Panama City is generally mild and very pleasant. But considering that the town is found on Florida’s Gulf Coast, our neighborhood normally at the mercy of landfall from hurricanes. Although the Atlantic Hurricane Season covers from Summer 1st through November 30th of each 12 months, hurricane preparedness became really a year-round activity.

The Fire Department accounts for the Panama City “Comprehensive Crisis Operations Plan (CEOP)”. This plan of action is utilized to prepare, react to and data recovery from numerous catastrophes that can influence Panama City. The CEOP is reviewed yearly for required revisions. Once modified, town staff tests the master plan though yearly workouts. Through preparation and instruction, the town of Panama City is obviously ready for a disaster.

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