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Greenville City Fire Department’s Firefighter Explorer system is available to young men and ladies many years 14 to 20 just who could be thinking about pursuing a lifetime career in fire or crisis solutions. This interactive, hands-on system was created to provide leadership experience, neighborhood service possibilities, myspace and facebook development and confidence-building. As well as real-world knowledge, members will benefit from private mentorship and assistance in planning for a profession in fire or crisis solutions.

The Fire and lifetime protection House can be used to greatly help educate kids about various fire safety methods including although not restricted to, end drop and roll, practicing a fire escape plan, and just how to meet up within meeting place.

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People Fire Academy

The City of Greenville Fire Department offers a free of charge, seven-week system can give residents a first-hand look at exactly how our fire division functions therefore the task our firefighters perform. Its open to those individuals that are 18 years and older.

Classes usually are held one night a week, in October and November. The 2016 Academy will start at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights and the system will run from Oct. 4, 2016 through Nov. 15, 2016. Install Flyer

The Greenville City Fire Department’s motto is Our town, Our individuals, Our Responsibility, therefore we make an effort to provide the highest amount of service to your community. Our objective is always to have a presence at every community meeting to generally share details about Fire division programs and services, and to answer residents’ concerns regarding fire safety.

Many kids are attracted to fire although it is an ordinary curiosity, it can lead to unsafe behaviors. All it can take is 1 match to cause tragedy. Children under 6 years old are usually to inadvertently begin fires that will eliminate all of them or their family users.

Young ones which play with matches or lighters are generally hurt, occasionally seriously, leading to life-long scars and actual limits. Indicators of young ones who will be starting fires feature burned toys or other objects, burned matches and missing lighters. Never believe your son or daughter will outgrow this phase. Intervene early to suppress this behavior, or it might be far too late. Accidents or death can result from 1 fire.

The Greenville City Fire Department features a group of specialists that can help intervene with juvenile fire beginners. If you suspect that the kid is using fire, please call the Fire Department at 864-467-4450.

Fire extinguisher classes usually contains a 20-25 small movie and Questions and responses session. This will be used up by a hands on useful demonstration. Class length is dependent upon the amount of participants. Host are responsible for supplying a meeting area, television, and a DVD machine. Participants needs to be 18 many years or older.

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