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Volunteer for Firefighter

Established in 1983, the Volunteer Firefighters Retirement Act pertains to volunteer non-salaried firefighters who:

  • Tend to be listed as an energetic member in the moves of a fire department, and;
  • Whose very first year of solution credit ended up being received during or after the year they switched 16 yrs old.
  • Go to 50per cent of all of the planned exercises;
  • Go to 50per cent of all of the scheduled business meetings, and;
  • Participate in at least 50per cent of all crisis response calls you held accountable to go to.

To be eligible for a pension from PERA, you should be age 55 or older with 10 or maybe more many years of service credit. The monthly number of you pension depends upon your several years of service.

  • At the least age 55 with 25 or more several years of solution you'll receive $250 monthly
  • About age 55 with 10 or even more years of solution you can expect to obtain $125 per month

You could continue as a volunteer firefighter once you retire but you'll not be allowed to make extra service credit.

If you stop to-be a volunteer firefighter just before fulfilling age and service condition for retirement and you have at the very least ten years of service credit, you're entitled to a deferred retirement payment when you meet the age and service needs.

Upon your demise you surviving partner or dependent youngster will likely to be compensated two-thirds associated with level of retirement you're getting during your demise. A pension to a surviving spouse terminates upon either remarriage or death. A pension to a dependent child ceases if they achieve age 18 or death.

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