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Emergency lights for Volunteer firefighters

An Act Regarding Emergency Lights on an automobile employed by an associate of a Municipal or Volunteer Fire or Emergency Medical providers Department

Sec. 1. 29-A MRSA §2054, sub-§2, ¶C, as amended by PL 2013, c. 462, §4, is further amended to see:

C. the usage amber lights on cars is influenced because of the following.

(1) an automobile involved with highway upkeep or perhaps in disaster rescue functions by crisis administration and public safety agencies and a public-utility crisis service automobile may be designed with additional lights that produce an amber light.

(1-A) a Department of Labor automobile run by a workplace protection inspector could be equipped with auxiliary lights that produce an amber light.

(2) A wrecker needs to be equipped with a flashing light mounted on the surface of the car such a way as to emit an amber light over a 360` 360-degree perspective. The light needs to be being used on a public method or a spot in which public traffic may reasonably be anticipated whenever servicing, releasing, running, unloading or towing a car.

(3) a car involved with snow reduction or sanding functions on a community method should be built with and show an additional light providing you with noticeable light coverage over a 360` 360-degree range. The light must give off an amber beam of light and become loaded with a blinking or strobe light purpose and have now enough power to be visible at 500 foot in typical daylight. Whenever left-wing of a plow is in operation and extends throughout the center of roadway, an auxiliary light must show the severe end associated with left wing. That light is attached to the automobile so the beam of light things within left wing. The light illuminating the left-wing are managed by a separate switch or because of the regular lighting effects system and needs to be functioning at all times as soon as the car is employed for plowing snowfall on general public means.

(4) A vehicle prepared and employed for plowing snow on aside from community ways is loaded with an additional rotary flashing light that must be attached to the top of vehicle this kind of a fashion regarding produce an amber beam of light over a 360` 360-degree direction, or an emerald strobe, or mixture of strobes, that produces at least a beam of 50 candlepower and offers noticeable light coverage over a 360` 360-degree range. The light are being used on a public method only once the automobile is going into the general public means in the course of plowing exclusive driveways as well as other off-highway locations.

(5) an outlying mail automobile are loaded with additional lights.

(a) The lights regularly the front needs to be white or amber, or any color between white and amber.

(b) The lights always the trunk must certanly be amber or purple, or any tone between emerald and red.

(c) The lights, whether familiar with the leading or back, should be attached during the same amount so when widely spaced laterally as you are able to.

(d) The lights, whether regularly the leading or rear, must flash at the same time.

(e) The lights must certanly be visible from a length with a minimum of 500 legs in regular sunlight.

(6) an automobile utilized or provided by a contract safety organization to assist in traffic control and direction at building or upkeep internet sites on a community method might be designed with emerald auxiliary lights.

(7) a division of Public protection vehicle run by a motor company inspector or motor vehicle inspector can be loaded with additional lights that emit an amber light.

(8) A vehicle used by an animal control officer appointed pursuant to Title 7, section 3947 are designed with additional lights that produce a flashing emerald light.

(9) A refuse, garbage or rubbish company vehicle utilized by someone to move refuse, trash and garbage is loaded with auxiliary lights that emit a blinking amber light.

(10) a car used by someone to transport and provide magazines might built with additional lights that produce a blinking emerald light.

(11) A vehicle used by a part of a municipal or volunteer fire division or a crisis medical solution might built with additional lights that emit an emerald light as allowed by part F.

Sec. 2. 29-A MRSA §2054, sub-§2, ¶F, as amended by PL 2005, c. 299, §1, is further amended to read through:

F. just automobiles placed in this part, rural post cars as provided in paragraph C, subparagraph (5) and school buses is designed with, display or make use of a red auxiliary or emergency light.

(1) disaster lights utilized on an ambulance, an urgent situation medical solution vehicle, a fire department vehicle, a fire car, a relief automobile or a hazardous product reaction car must produce a red light or a mixture of purple and white light.

(2) The municipal officers or a municipal official designated because of the municipal officers, because of the endorsement associated with fire chief, may authorize a dynamic member of a municipal or volunteer fire division to utilize one purple or combo purple and white flashing auxiliary light mounted because near as practicable over the front enrollment plate from the front side associated with the car, behind the rearview mirror inside windshield or on the dashboard or, 2 pulsating red or combo red and white auxiliary lights installed on leading for the vehicle above the front side bumper and underneath the hood and purple, amber or blend purple and amber auxiliary lights mounted in the back screen location. The light or lights might be shown but can be used just as the user is on the way to or at scene of a fire or other crisis. A light mounted on the dashboard or behind the rearview mirror within the windshield must certanly be shielded so the emitted light doesn't affect the operator's eyesight. Making use of lights is revoked whenever you want because of the fire main.

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