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In a situation as big and inhabited as California, nobody emergency reaction company can perform all of it. This is exactly why cooperative attempts via contracts and agreements between state, national and local agencies are necessary in reaction to problems like wildland and framework fires, floods, earthquakes, hazardous product spills, and medical helps.

The CAL FIRE Cooperative fire-protection system staff have the effect of matching those agreements and agreements the Department. It is because among these cooperative efforts that you might see fire motors and firefighters from various agencies during the scene of an urgent situation, working under a unified command commitment.

It is also due to these agreements that CAL FIRE could be the department accountable for providing dispatch, paramedic, fire, and relief services in numerous metropolitan areas and cities which are not designated as state duty throughout California.

Volunteer Fire Aid (VFA) Grant

The Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Program is a Federally-funded grant system that enables California to give local and outlying fire divisions with minor firefighting, instruction, communications and security gear due to their volunteer firefighters. The VFA Program isn't designed for significant gear (fire engines, automobiles, etc) or Capital fixes. The VFA plan has a 50/50 match requirement meaning that the applying division needs to be able to meet with the intended grant award, dollar for buck. Awards for divisions are set at a minimum of $500 with at the most $20, 000. Amounts can be modified on the basis of the grant capital readily available. For extra information please contact Megan Esfandiary at or Tanya Lange at

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