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Requirements for Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteer firefighters are brave individuals who assist in placing on fires. Despite becoming recruited volunteers, they have to nonetheless undergo considerable education and many sometimes get disaster medical professional certification and. Though they begin as volunteers, through hands-on experience they could become a paid firefighter making a median wage of $46, 870 annually.

Crucial Information

Volunteer firefighters help expert firefighters after becoming recruited and dealing with at the very least 110 hours of education. Many departments additionally require firefighters to become qualified disaster health specialists (EMTs). While volunteer firefighters need no formal education past a higher school diploma, keeping an undergraduate level in fire research or fire protection engineering may provide an easier road to a paid firefighting position.

Required Knowledge Senior high school diploma
Other Requirements 110 hours of education, EMT official certification
Projected Job Growth (2014-2024) 5per cent (all firefighters)*
Median Salary (2015) $46, 870 (all firefighters)*

Origin: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Demands for getting a volunteer firefighter differ by fire department. Most departments require firefighters to-be 18 years old or older and hold increased school diploma or perhaps the equivalent. Applicants are often needed to pass written and physical examinations, medicine tests and criminal background checks. Some departments may require volunteer firefighters to hold a legitimate driver's license and stay within a department's service location. Many employers choose candidates which demonstrate strong decision-making abilities, reliability and bravery.

Profession Instruction

After becoming recruited, brand new volunteer firefighters usually enter department-run instruction academies or comparable programs. Based on, firefighters have to finish at the least 110 hours of learning programs certified because of the National fire-protection Association. Training programs are made up of both request and in-class instruction. Trainees learn to manage various relief resources, like extinguishers, axes and ladders. And firefighting practices, they truly are instructed in stopping fires, dealing with dangerous materials and performing disaster surgical procedures.

Firefighters continue trained in their divisions after graduating from education academies and are usually usually subject to probationary times. Many firefighters be involved in apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships takes as much as four many years to complete and offer students with hands-on knowledge beneath the guidance of competent fire protection specialists.

Postsecondary Education

Volunteer firefighters only require a top school diploma; but the U.S. Bureau of work Statistics reported that a growing number of firefighters have actually completed some postsecondary training ( Volunteer firefighters may be more likely to advance to a paid place when they hold an undergraduate degree in fire research or fire safety manufacturing. Associate's level programs in fire technology usually simply take two years to complete and so are aimed toward firefighters searching for advancement when you look at the occupation. Classes may protect arson research, defense systems, prevention, firefighting strategies, creating construction and dangerous products.

Crisis Healthcare Technician Certification

Departments typically need firefighters to become certified disaster health specialists (EMTs). Most firefighters keep the EMT-Basic designation, the minimum degree of certification. Firefighter academies can sometimes include EMT instruction; usually, volunteer firefighters may attend EMT-Basic courses provided by community colleges and healthcare providers. With class instruction in crisis reaction methods, these programs integrate working experience in disaster spaces or ambulances. After doing formal training, EMTs may get official certification by passing written and practical examinations offered by the nationwide Registry of crisis Medical Technicians or circumstances official certification board.

Pro Certification

Without mandatory, some firefighters elect to pursue professional certification. The nationwide Fire Protection Association provides the Certified Fire Protection professional (CFPS) designation to professionals dedicated to fire protection ( Prospects will need to have a high school training and six several years of fire protection experience, an associate's level and four years of first-hand training or a bachelor's degree right pertaining to fire safety as well as 2 several years of associated work. Competent candidates may complete a 100-question official certification exam to make the CFPS designation. CFPS firefighters may renew certification every three-years by providing proof of experience, efforts to the occupation and continuing training credits.

Volunteer firefighters help out with the control and extinguishing of disaster fires. Those who enter this profession need to use 110 hours of education as well as can pursue EMT certification and a bachelor's degree in fire research. Those with both knowledge and education has the opportunity to progress to a paid place in which they are able to earn a median income of $46, 870 annually.

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