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Volunteer Firefighter TrainingThe Georgia Public security Training Center acknowledges the extraordinary and dedicated attempts of Georgia’s volunteer firefighters and strives to produce convenient, relevant and efficient instruction that fits the requirements of volunteers. Volunteer firefighters who are utilized in Georgia may attend education at the GPSTC free and are usually eligible for free accommodation.

Volunteer firefighters must come to be subscribed utilizing the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council and, if doing so, must finish a live fire instruction necessity to become Registered Volunteer Firefighters. GPSTC provides a 95-hour fundamental training curriculum entitled fundamental Volunteer Firefighter with Live Fire that fulfill a volunteer firefighter’s instruction necessity in order to become registered using Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (GFSTC). Volunteer Support Firefighters that do not enter a live fire zone have to finish the Georgia help Firefighter program found on and so they must also complete the Volunteer Registration Package located on the website to be signed up with GFSTC.

Additionally, volunteer firefighters may pick, but they are not essential, to make state firefighter official certification by completing the 340-hour Basic Firefighter Training Program.

Both fundamental Firefighter and fundamental Volunteer Firefighter with Live Fire education programs are carried out at our primary university in Forsyth. To learn more about certification, registration requirements and testing kindly visit the

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