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picture: Alexandra Limon/FOX 5 DCFREDERICKSBURG, Va. - Two volunteer Stafford County firefighters have been suspended when they transported an 18-month old child into hospital in a fire engine. The daddy for the little girl informs FOX 5 he could be grateful for the activities of these two very first responders, who may have saved his child's life.

The suspended firefighters, Captain James Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom, volunteer for Falmouth Volunteer Fire division in Fredericksburg. These people were the first to ever arrive when called to a spot near a McDonald’s restaurant final Saturday as the youngster had been having a seizure, Kelley stated.

FOX 5’s Paul Wagner spoke to Kelley, that is a D.C. firefighter who also volunteers in Stafford County, in regards to the event on Saturday. Kelley said he immediately informed the motorist associated with truck to show regarding the motor because child was at dire need of a hospital. According to a previous telephone call place for the nearest medic, Kelley stated he believed it would be at the least ten to fifteen moments before you can reach the restaurant.

Kelley stated he asked for a location from nearest medic, but performedn’t obtain a particular answer until after their 2nd demand, plus after that, the knowledge he got had been “southbound on path 1, ” without having any various other particulars. Kelley additionally said he requested shared the aid of the town of Fredericksburg, but nobody had been ever before sent.

After the child was put in the fire engine and so they had been on the way to Mary Washington Hospital, Kelley states another ambulance requested to generally meet using engine at Falmouth Station—but due to their proximity into hospital at that point, Kelley denied that request.

Relating to Kelley, the child had been put-on air inside fire engine and was in the injury area within 13 minutes of the time the call arrived in. The little woman had paralysis regarding entire left side of her human anatomy. Her dad informed Wagner on Saturday that she’s likely to be fine.

The little woman's father, Brian Nunamaker spoke to Wagner on Saturday concerning the incident, one week after it took place. He said around 11 am on February 27, his youngest daughter practiced a medical disaster while they were making their method home from working errands. He stopped simply after dark McDonalds restaurant positioned at Ferry Farm. As he knew their daughter had been having a seizure, he called 911. He additionally said a passerby stopped to help.

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