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Volunteer firefighter Capt. James Kelley stood on the side of highway in Stafford County, cradling the limp, blue human anatomy of an 18-month-old woman whoever father had called 911 moments earlier in the day to report she ended up being having a seizure into the car.

Kelley, who was simply first to-arrive regarding scene, had a determination which will make: wait an unidentified period of time for medics or load the unresponsive toddler in to the straight back associated with firetruck and simply take the girl into medical center.

Kelley’s choice — to transport your ex when you look at the back seat associated with the firetruck — has actually won him the gratitude of this toddler’s family members in addition to compliments of peers but features triggered Stafford County officials suspending him and another volunteer firefighter in Fredericksburg.

Kelley, a D.C. firefighter who's also a part regarding the Falmouth Volunteer Fire division, said he had been alert to rules that prohibit using a firetruck to transport some one in medical need, but he made a decision to disregard them in this instance.

“i'm more comfortable with the decision, ” Kelley said Sunday.

So does the main associated with the volunteer firefighting product in Falmouth.

“This is one of those situations in which actions exceed policy, ” Chief Christopher Smith stated.

But Stafford County officials state they have been reviewing the incident as a “potential regulatory conformity concern, ” while Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom, a fellow volunteer firefighter, continue to be suspended. A county spokesman declined to review Sunday.

The toddler, Lena, is within a healthy body, relating to the woman parent, David Nunamaker, whom said Kelley and Bloom “simply had ideal interests of our daughter’s attention at heart.”

He was amazed, he said, to see development associated with the suspensions on the weekend, prompting him to issue a long statement.

“My spouse and I also feel terrible for the fallout that includes occurred to these two gentlemen, ” he said. “The actions of those men represent a dedication with their objective, and a-deep concern of performing understanding best for the individuals they've been offering. In our eyes they're heroes.”

Kelley, a 35-year-old father of a teenager, provided a detailed account Sunday of just what resulted in his fast choice, saying there have been communication breakdowns that generated anxiety about whenever an ambulance would arrive.

The decision came in only after 11 a.m. on Feb. 27, and Kelley and Bloom hopped into the fire engine. On route, Kelley stated he asked the closest responding ambulance to report its exact area. “Southbound on path 1, ” the physician responded. That information had been obscure, Kelley stated.

He understood the exact same ambulance was indeed on a previous contact the northern area of the county, he said, meaning it may be in terms of eight or nine kilometers away. Kelley and Bloom were at scene in three full minutes.

He saw David Nunamaker looking at the neck of road next to their automobile. He had been panicking, Kelley stated. “She changed colors, ” he informed Kelley while he approached. Nunamaker pressed Lena into Kelley’s arms. She was unresponsive.

“She had absolutely nothing going on truly, ” Kelley stated. The woman mind was tilted back over certainly one of Kelley’s arms while her legs dangled lifelessly over his other supply.

Nunamaker, of Fredericksburg, informed Kelley they have been driving — operating errands, however later on explain — whenever Lena started twitching, vomiting and having seizures. Nunamaker’s teenage girl has also been within the vehicle at the time.

Kelley considered the medics’ prospective response time, given the not clear location description. He additionally considered so it would simply take him 3 minutes to make the journey to the closest medical center.

“It had been a good investment, ” he said.

He put Lena consecutively of rear-facing container seats within the rear of truck, bunching heaps of coats on either part of this lady and strapping a seat belt around the girl. He put an oxygen mask over the woman lips and nose. He stood close to her because the vehicle rumbled away, whispering “Come on, baby, come-on, Lena, ” he said.

During quick trip, he said, her shade came ultimately back along with her correct attention began to target him. However the left part of the woman face and the body remained motionless.

On route, an ambulance radioed the firetruck, asking to satisfy it therefore it could transfer Lena into the ambulance. Nevertheless the proposed conference spot might have taken the firetruck away from the medical center, Kelley said, so he declined to get rid of.

Nunamaker stated within the statement he attained a medical facility a few minutes after the firetruck.

“once I arrived, my girl had been addressed in er, ” he said. “She had been having another seizure.”

Kelley said that the left part of Lena’s human anatomy ended up being paralyzed for five hours before she returned to typical. He stated that Nunamaker later told him that physicians had determined the seizure had been due to a fever. Nunamaker stated neurologists within medical center informed him that reaction times are “extremely important” whenever reacting to seizures.

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