Pre-Service Firefighter

Requirements for Firefighter

These actions should-be used in order to become an FDNY Firefighter.

Steps to Getting an FDNY Firefighter

Step 1: Make Sure You Satisfy Eligibility Requirements

Should you want to be a FDNY Firefighter, you must meet qualifications demands.

Step two: Make An Application For the Exam

Next, submit an application for the original Firefighter examination. Exams can be obtained about every four years.

Step 3: Pass the Written Exam

You have to pass the written exam. This exam cannot need any special knowledge of firefighting or even the Fire Department. The exam should include multiple choice concerns that test on reading, problem-solving and applying rules and concepts. When you pass the written test, you need to also do an in-person interview with FDNY Officers.

Step four: Pass the Bodily Exam

The real exam involves four parts. The test requires moving hefty weights over long distances and working with equipment. It checks power, stamina, endurance and coordination.

Action 5: Undergo Medical and Psychological Testing

It is important to have health examination. You really need to have an extensive health evaluation to confirm health. A psychological exam checks to ensure that you can handle the stress and traumatization which could come with the task. A background check and a drug test are also carried out.

Action 6: await an Open Position

You will be marketed only when task spaces become offered. You are expected to maintain all qualifications needs while waiting. Note, anyone who becomes older than 29 while waiting remains qualified.

Action 7: secure official certification as an initial Responder

Once you have managed to make it until now, you must earn a medical certification as an initial responder. You can earn either an avowed very first Responder with Defibrillation certification or train to be a Paramedic or crisis medical professional (EMT). This official certification should be gained before the end for the probationary period.

Step 8: Complete a Probationary Period

If a situation starts, you may be employed on a probationary foundation. This is the time a person will get official firefighter education within Fire Academy. Once this might be successfully completed, you will be marketed to a full-time FDNY Firefighter.

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