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Requirements for Fire Fighting

Firefighting RequirementsPurpose:To prepare officials and enlisted employees for certification as people in a damage control business aboard ship.

Scope: The range includes appropriate strategies and procedures for general shipboard firefighting. Fires include Class Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie fires involving standard and nuclear weapons. This program provides instruction burning party jobs including scene leader, nozzleman, hoseman, plugman and accessman using direct fire attack processes. J-495-0412 is actually for employees planning to air breathing apparatus (OBA) prepared vessels, and J-495-0416 is for workers probably self-contained respiration apparatus (SCBA) prepared ships. The OPNAV harm control skills happy by this course is Level II.


Points of Contact:

FFT Supervisor (401) 841-7401/7402/7414
Master Course Scheduler (401) 841-3837/6218

Operational Suggestions.

Typical hours of operation are from 0700 – 11630 Monday thru Friday. Weekend training will only be carried out with previous endorsement from OTC Commanding Officer or designated agent.

Authorized attire. Students shall get to the uniform associated with the time, with authorized PT equipment for wear within the firefighting consistent and equipment.

Prerequisites. Students must certanly be in sound physical condition to guy fire hoses and assist different damage control equipment. Students needs to be current for your instruction duration for credit the program. The parent command would be to approve on pupil purchases they are clinically qualified to attend the Firefighting School. Students/teams stating for firefighting education without the needed medical statements on the orders won't be retained and you will be returned to their mother or father demand

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