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Fire Fighting Jobs in South Carolina

A. Contracting Committee People
It will be the philosophy of this region to include the prospective worker's sequence
of demand within the selection procedure. As a result, the Fire Chief or his designee shall
kind an employing committee. This committee can be created with all the after workers:

♦ Fire Chief, or his designee
♦ Assistant Fire Chief
♦ Battalion Chief(s) from shift with starting
♦ business Officer(s) from shift with opening

B. Minimum Entrance Demands

1. Basic Minimal Demands
a. The candidate must be at the very least 18 years of age
b. The applicant must have increased school diploma or equivalent
c. The applicant must have a legitimate South Carolina license
d. The candidate should be in good shape
2. The hiring committee will establish minimum entry requirements for applicants
with or without practical firefighting knowledge.

3. Minimal entrance demands shall be based on the requirements associated with fire region.

4. The employing committee shall start thinking about knowledge versus no experience, existing
official certification, training and knowledge in addition to state and national directions
when establishing minimal entry needs.

C. Posting of Job Directories
1. Job spaces will probably be listed and/or published in one or more associated with after means
assure a diverse base applicant pool:

♦ regional newspaper
♦ State paper
♦ neighborhood job solution
♦ online job recommendation internet sites

2. The work listing shall state the minimal entrance demands, the best place to use,
tips apply and required documentation in addition to the start and ending
dates that programs would be accepted. The announcement shall through the
statement, "St. Johns Fire District is the same opportunity workplace".

D. Application Processing

1. All programs got during the acceptance period must certanly be placed in a protected
area and evaluated because of the hiring committee.

2. Applications maybe not meeting the minimum entry requirements are going to be eliminated and

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