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The Spartanburg Fire Department is in charge of offering Spartanburg’s 37, 000 residents—as really as thousands of companies and their employees—with fire suppression, prevention, and technical relief solutions. Safeguarding a location of around 20 square kilometers from five fire stations, and supplying help to other departments outside of the city whenever required, Spartanburg’s Fire Department may be the just one in Spartanburg County staffed with 100 % profession firefighters.

The Department’s motto, “Preservation through protection” is an expression of the commitment to building and maintaining a safe, successful, and vibrant city through effective fire avoidance and crisis preparedness programs. The town Fire division is regarded as only 33 divisions in sc to earn a course 2 rating from New Jersey-based Insurance providers Office, placing the city into the top five per cent within the state and top 1.2 per cent all over the country for fire suppression services. Due to this exemplary service score, city residents enjoy a savings as much as 50 % on the homeowners insurance over outlying places in Spartanburg County.

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