Sullivan County Volunteer

Volunteer Firefighters Association

Are You Ready…

…to challenge your self?

…to be a frontrunner in your neighborhood?

…to do significantly more than you ever before thought feasible?

If you’re ready of these difficulties, then you’re prepared to take our challenge!

You’re willing to
Become certainly one of us!

Great things about Membership
At great things about being a Plantation Firefighter:

  • Professional trained in firefighting, EMS, dangerous materials, and management.
  • Financial reimbursement for time invested.
  • Credits toward retirement and retirement.
  • Lifelong experiences you won’t get anywhere else.
  • 250 associated with the nearest buddies you’ll ever have.
  • A breeding ground where your household members are since crucial that you united states when you are.
  • Work-related equipment and uniforms supplied cost-free.

Just what Do We Ask of You?

Time & Commitment: getting a Plantation Volunteer Firefighter does take time. Your time and ours.

Basic Training: For those who are perhaps not already certified firefighters, Plantation Fire division provides both Firefighter One and 1st responder as its initial recruit instruction. Click on this link for more information on our Basic training course.

Partners II: Currently State certified? Our 40 Hour, Partners II system will orient you to definitely the Plantation Fire division.

Monthly Drills: Upon conclusion of fundamental Training, or Partners II positioning, all users must attend a minimum of one drill each month.

Association strategies: The Plantation Volunteer Fire Association is the company which supplies the workers for Fire Department. Visit to discover just how your household people can get involved as well.

If you’re prepared make the challenge, and you’re ready to make a consignment to united states, towards city and yourself, then we’re ready for you personally.

Exactly what Should You Get Started?

  • Highschool Diploma or GED
  • 18 Years
  • Resident of Plantation, or live within 2.5 miles or five minutes of a Plantation Fire facility
  • Pass a back ground check
  • Pass a real exam

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