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Exactly what Do I Need To Submit An Application For a Job In Fire Division?

The mandatory minimal skills for Probationary EMT and Probationary Firefighter tend to be:

  • Should have a top college diploma, GED, or state accredited equivalent.
  • Possession of a legitimate driver's license comparable to a non-provisional, non-commercial, class C driver's license with less than four points. It generally does not need to be a Maryland license.
  • Must be about 18 years old at time of application. There is absolutely no optimum age limitation.
  • Must pass a physical evaluation, mental evaluation, extensive history examination and a medication test.

People when it comes to place of Paramedic must have, aside from the needs above, a Maryland crisis healthcare Technician-Paramedic, Maryland Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate, Maryland Cardiac Rescue specialist, or Maryland Cardiac Rescue Technician-Intermediate certification or possession of a similar certification from an out-of-state agency that reciprocity is acknowledged.

Staff members hired aided by the Fire Department offer a probationary amount of couple of years. People aren't needed to have any certificates or certifications to try to get probationary, entry-level EMT or firefighter jobs.

Read about the task

Our comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, ", " (PDF) provides you with a sense of the Fire Department's objective and daily businesses, training and station life.

Salary and Benefits

The starting income for Probationary EMTs and firefighters is $35, 125.

Starting buy paramedics is $49, 861.

The Fire Department offers exemplary benefits. These generally include:

  • Annual income analysis and longevity increments
  • Good vacation and unwell leave
  • Uniforms and private safety equipment
  • an educational assistance program
  • Wellness, dental and life insurance coverage
  • Representation by a certified work company, the Baltimore County expert firemen Association, town 1311
  • Exceptional your retirement and deferred compensation programs
  • Opportunities for a better job

Make an application for the Job

Whenever you submit an application for work using the Fire Department, utilize this handy guide to assist you to complete the County's job application kind. Remember that the County makes use of equivalent application form for several jobs, regardless of the department.

Prepare for the Tests

The Written Exam

The Fire division application procedure includes a written examination.

A (PDF) can be obtained to help applicants plan the exam.

Besides, these test-taking resources can increase your odds of success on written exam:

Physical Ability Test

To be able to take part in the Physical Ability Test, prospects should have a completed (PDF) signed by a physician. Be sure to allow your medical practitioner plenty of time to perform this form. Applicants also need to finish an (PDF) and bring it using them to your Physical potential Test.

The department holds practice sessions before the actual test so that candidates get the best possible possibility of success.


If you have questions regarding or issues with your application or even the written assessment, contact work of Human Resources, 410-887-3135.

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