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How To Become a Firefighter in Indiana?

Thank you for visiting our detailed guide on the best way to come to be a firefighter in Indiana (IN). We’ll review how to find fire divisions in Indiana, minimum hiring needs state-wide, a rundown associated with the hiring procedure, required certificates, the average firefighter salaries in Indiana, and the rest it is important to become a fireman.

How To Locate Fire Departments in Indiana (IN)

Navigate for this fire divisions list to browse across hundreds of fire departments in Indiana. Requirements for becoming a firefighter within the condition can differ from department to some other, so it’s constantly a vital action to contact the department(s) you’re interested in to see just what their hiring procedure is exactly.

Minimal Requirements For Becoming an Indiana Firefighter

Listed here are absolutely the minimal needs you have to satisfy if you would like submit an application for the work position:

  • Needs to be 18 years or older
  • A higher school diploma or equivalent is required
  • Must-have a legitimate driver’s permit
  • Must pass a thorough back ground check and medication test

Some fire divisions will demand one to have an EMT official certification before you use, though most won’t.

Is a Fire Degree Required To Be a Fireman in Indiana?

No, it's not. And neither is a fire level required in any various other condition. But kindly don’t confuse a “fire level” with “fire instruction.” While a fire level is not needed, you demonstrably will need to undergo considerable fire training to master the ropes of the trade, ahead of being employed.

But numerous candidates these days do get a fire level even before they make an application for a job. Whilst it’s not required, it could let them have a bonus while making them seem much more desirable in eyes of the future employer. A normal fire degree takes 2 years to acquire, though you will find shorter and longer courses readily available.

Detailed Application Process

As with any various other state, the exact steps expected to become a fireman in Indiana will vary from division to a different. Always speak to your department to inquire about their particular procedures. With that in mind, the following is exactly what you should usually expect:

Action # 1: sign up. You will likely need certainly to look at the HQ associated with the fire department to search for the form. Some departments, for example in Indianapolis, be able to request the application form via an on-line type. You’ll have to supply some basic information inside the type, including more detailed details about your past education, acquired certifications (if any) and working experience (if any).

Step # 2: finish the written exam. You’ll be contacted with all the date the written exam will take place. Some hire divisions only employ when every a couple of years, while various other divisions choose new firefighters a few times a year. The test is made from around 235 concerns (mostly multiple choice), and certainly will cover subjects like:

  • Resolving standard mathematics and rational issues
  • Assessing your extensive reading capability
  • Really standard map-reading abilities
  • Spatial direction

No questions associated strictly towards fire solution will likely be asked. This test is very simple, if you can get ready for it if you take tutoring courses or purchasing a preparation guide online, including at

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