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How to become a Firefighter WA?

For several years, volunteer firefighters performed exactly what had to be done to provide aid and fire services. Volunteers originate from all elements of our neighborhood. They differ in age and lifestyles, these are typically both women and men.

Volunteering as a firefighter/EMT is a challenging, exciting and enjoyable knowledge. The cause of planning to come to be a volunteer firefighter varies: from the thrill; to a desire to provide one thing back once again to our neighborhood; as a spare time activity; household tradition and much more.

There is absolutely no difference in official certification between job and volunteer responders. You may be fully trained and state certified at no expense to you. It might amaze the common citizen to discover that even those 16 to 20 years old can volunteer to become a member of WCFD7 Fire Cadet program.

For those who have a feeling of civic pleasure, should you want to see and feel the instantaneous results of work done well, for those who have the heart and nature which will make your community a much better place then give consideration to volunteering with Whatcom County Fire District Seven.

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