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How to become a paid Firefighter?

Presently, there are 99 fire departments in New York State that tend to be under the requirements of the Firefighting and Code Enforcement Training and Education guidelines. Among these, 36 municipalities are staffed exclusively by fulltime or paid/part compensated firefighters. The balance have combo divisions contains profession, part-paid or volunteer people.

To qualify for employment as a lifetime career firefighter, an individual must:

  • Meet abode needs, if they occur.
  • Submit an application for and simply take an entry-level Civil Service test sporadically provided by the municipality in question.
  • Successfully pass an agility test and bodily.
  • Be reachable in the finalized record once vacancies are increasingly being filled.
  • Be chosen as a probationary firefighter.
  • Effectively total fundamental firefighter education and departmental needs within required time frames.

VOLUNTEER Firefighter Demands:

In lots of ny State municipalities, people give graciously of their time and energies with respect to their communities. Contact must be fashioned with each neighborhood department to have membership information and programs.

To be eligible for the career of volunteer firefighter, a person must:

  • Meet up with the active membership demands or bylaws of this entity or business.
  • Effectively total needed probation or training needs.

Volunteer fire departments supply:

  • Injury compensation beneath the Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law.
  • Company- and state-sponsored instruction.
  • Social/organizational advantages.
  • Retirement bonuses in some departments.


In 1997, the National Volunteer Fire Council(NVFC) embarked on a national volunteer recruitment effort with the potential to-be the best promotion the volunteer fire service features ever experienced. The project enables nationwide publicity when it comes to volunteer crisis solutions. The project could be the nationwide implementation of 1-800-FIRE-LINE.

How can the program work?

States which adopt the 1-800-FIRE-LINE quantity simply have telephone calls put in the location signal boundaries with regards to their states routed to a statewide giving answers to point. The brands of potential volunteers just who call the 1-800-FIRE-LINE tend to be handed down to regional associates who will tell them in regards to the disaster service opportunities in their communities (fire, EMS, police auxiliary, search and rescue, forest fire service, emergency management, canine rescue, etc.).

For additional information:

Speak to your regional County Fire Coordinator

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