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How to become a Firefighter in Miami?

Firefighting involves impossible, competent real work, and firefighters must certanly be able to believe rapidly and run efficiently in high-pressure crisis situations. Constant education and knowledge is necessary throughout their professions maintain all of them up-to-date on the most recent technologies and newest fire suppression and rescue techniques. Learning the fire service encompasses many subjects, like creating construction, crisis surgical procedures, hazardous materials, technical relief, fire prevention, general public knowledge, and community relations. Firefighters will need to have powerful social skills, plus the capacity to think and communicate demonstrably in very stressful situations.

Simply how much does the firefighting equipment weigh?

Firefighters must carry numerous specialized tools and equipment that can weigh over 70 lbs, and the respiration equipment that weighs 40 lbs.

What if I have an authorities record?

All firefighter individuals undergo a police background check before becoming employed. a criminal belief wont instantly eradicate you from the process nevertheless you should never have already been convicted of a crime, misdemeanor, nor have actually pled “non contendere” right about the career of work sought.

What if I'm currently a firefighter with another division?

You're going to be necessary to complete the entire application process, including all tests. If effective, and you are clearly hired through the qualifications number, you're going to have to feel the training as other firefighter recruit. Your knowledge as a firefighter might help into the examination and instruction procedure, but MDFR doesn't accept transfers.

The length of time is the Recruit Academy?

The Recruit Academy is 10-12 weeks for Florida State Certified Firefighters and 30-32 days for non-certified firefighters. Those who effectively complete the Recruit Academy are positioned on the go to your workplace as probationary firefighters.

Can it be harder for women to obtain hired?

Miami-Dade Fire save is an equal chance manager and will not discriminate against race, etc., or gender. However, some female individuals find that the Candidate bodily potential Test (CPAT) is quite tough. Therefore, we offer positioning courses in order for all applicants can feel the whole make sure recognize any potential places that may require improvement (i.e., cardio, endurance, power) ahead of taking the test. The real overall performance standards are the same for several firefighters and recruits. Females need certainly to pass the exact same actual ability exam while the men, and additionally they must complete the same training.

Am I able to get a software for a buddy?

No. Miami-Dade Fire save will not give fully out applications. The application form procedure is performed on line at: .

Where do we submit my application?

All programs are submitted online. There isn't any hardcopy distribution, but we highly declare that you print a copy of application and maintain it for the records.

Can the written exam be used at another time?

No. All people must to make the exam on the time they truly are planned.

I do not live in Miami-Dade County, can I nonetheless apply?

Yes. Miami-Dade Fire save does not have residential requirements for employees, but they need having a Florida Driver’s License.

Do i must be a professional firefighter or paramedic at the time of application?

No. All qualified applicants should use.

Maybe there is any choices provided?

Inclination are fond of qualifying U.S. Veterans, and skilled graduates of the Miami-Dade County Academy of Fire Rescue (MDCAFR) with EMT and State of Florida Firefighter II certifications, according to Resolution R-480-07. Inclination may also be fond of licensed State of Florida Firefighter II, EMT, and/or State of Florida Paramedic (EMT-P). State of Florida Firefighter, EMT, and EMT-P official certification figures should always be registered inside web application under Licenses and official certification Sections.

Easily have actually a legitimate nationwide Registry EMT Certification, can I should also be certified through State of Florida?


If I have a legitimate EMT Certification in another state, will I have to be certified through the State of Florida?

What's the minimum age for applicants?

You need to be 18 years of age because of the date of application.

What's the optimum age for applicants?

There isn't any optimum age limitation for application.

Do i need to be a resident of usa?

No. However, if you should be a non-citizen, you must have acceptable documentation guaranteeing you are an appropriate citizen of United States. The documents needs to be provided whenever you submit your Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ), at a certain time and date to-be scheduled during application procedure.

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