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Qualifications for being a Firefighter

Interested to become a Vancouver firefighter? Get acquainted with our qualifications to greatly help the job succeed.

You must fulfill our basic application demands and needed skills at the time you apply.

If we give you work, you'll want to satisfy a few extra conditions, such as where you live.

General application demands

You ought to be:

  • In good physical shape and well-coordinated
  • Highly motivated
  • Happy to work cooperatively as an element of a group
  • Committed to constant understanding
  • Dedicated to helping other individuals

Vancouver Fire and save solutions users serve a varied population. The capability to speak languages as well as English and socialize within different cultures is helpful.

Required skills

The job must satisfy these required qualifications to pass through to another location part of our recruitment process:

  1. Transcripts demonstrating large school- or GED-completion.
    • Usually do not distribute your diploma.
  2. A legitimate applicant bodily Ability Test (C-PAT) certification which needs to be held present through the entire application process
  3. A legitimate Class 3 Driver's License with environment brake endorsement or comparable for automobiles with more than two axles (automatic transmission is acknowledged)
  4. Transcripts demonstrating 30 post-secondary credits or one-year minimal accepted apprenticeship
    • NFPA 1001 Level we and II are named 20 post-secondary credits.
    • Armed forces training and skills would be seen as post-secondary credits on a case by instance basis.
  5. Current driver's abstract (dated a maximum of 45 times before the application finishing day)
    • If your driver's abstract (within the past five years) includes charges for driving drunk (DUI), the application will never be considered.
  6. Existing driving record that demonstrates responsible and safe driving behaviour
    • When your record features above 6 points, or a 24-hour roadside prohibition (for possible DUI) within the last two years of your application deadline, your application is almost certainly not considered.
  7. One of the following licenses, issued by EMALB in Victoria BC, which needs to be held current through the application process:
    • Very first Responder Level III (FR3) with AED and Spinal Endorsements
    • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
    • Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)
    • Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP)
  8. 2 yrs of accumulated work experience when you completed senior school
  9. No job-related belief of a criminal or summary offense that you never have obtained a pardon
  10. Appropriate entitlement to your workplace in Canada
    • You should be a Canadian resident or lasting Resident/Landed Immigrant – a work visa will not suffice.
  11. Colour sight secure
    • Refer to NFPA 1582, Chapter 6.
  12. 20/30 corrected binocular sight, or 20/100 uncorrected binocular eyesight, or better
  13. Typical hearing without artificial helps

Chosen qualifications

These extra abilities and experiences will strengthen your application, but do not change the minimal qualifications.

  1. Conclusion of NFPA 1001 amount I and II, or an official equivalent. For a summary of approved fire academies, see:
  2. Previous expertise in disaster services:
    • Fire
    • Woodland fire service
    • Police
    • Coast guard
    • EMS
    • Army
    • Nursing
    • Search and relief
  3. Working experience transferable to areas of firefighting:
    • Trades
    • Earlier firefighting experience (structural or forestry)
    • Military solution
    • University- or university-level scholastic scientific studies
    • Understanding of various countries
    • Fluency in languages other than English
    • Advanced medical instruction (Paramedic PCP/ACP, EMT, EMR, Nursing)
    • Heavy-equipment operator
    • Training, training, or instructional experience
    • Truck-driving tandem-axle vehicles with a Class 1 or 3 Driver's License
    • Ability to swim, with relevant lifesaving and relief certificates
    • Valid British Columbia Class 4 Driver's License
    • Volunteer knowledge and community participation
    • Demonstrated sports or physical abilities and accomplishments
    • Knowledge and power to work efficiently with computers, computer system programs, and computer software
    • Powerful interpersonal abilities and the power to work in a team environment
    • Conclusion of other fire-service relevant programs or programs

Your geographical area things

As a result of the on-call nature of your work, Fire and save Service people must live within the Lower Mainland, with the after boundaries:

  • The town of Vancouver in the west.
  • The Municipality of Chilliwack within the eastern.
  • The Canadian/U.S. edge in the south.
  • The Municipality of Squamish in north.

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