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How to be a Firefighter in Texas?

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The City of Fort Worth Fire Department does more than simply battle fires. Safeguarding the fastest growing towns in the united kingdom requires us to give you many services to the neighborhood.

These services include disaster readiness, education, prevention, and response. Our area addresses over 345 square kilometers, and then we answer over 80, 000 calls annually.

Through a visionary management and a talented and specialized staff greater than 900 workers, the Fort Worth Fire division has grown to become probably the most efficient and respected in the us. Hopefully you will consider joining our team and help united states carry on the custom.


  • Knowledge — twelfth grade diploma, G.E.D. Certificate or 12 semester hours of college.
  • Residency — Must live within 30 minutes of designated report-in place; should be carried out within six (6) months of employment.
  • Age demands — 18-35 years. (Cannot reach 36th birthday celebration by time of entry-level exam.)
  • Licenses — Valid and existing Class "C" Driver's License. (may be expected to get course "B" during instruction.)


  • Base Salary: $19.19 per hour ($39, 915 yearly) while training; $24.42 hourly ($50, 794 yearly) upon graduation.
  • Longevity Pay: $4 monthly times the amount of several years of solution, as much as 25 many years.
  • Incentive Pay: $60 monthly for connect's degree, or $120 monthly for a bachelor's degree after one (1) 12 months of solution after commissioned (university degrees must be in relevant areas);
  • Uniforms: Uniforms may be released.
  • Bilingual Incentive Pay: $100 monthly upon successful conclusion of language Spanish skills test and use of that language face to face.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns tend to be awarded on basis of competitive municipal solution examinations.


  • Three weeks paid holiday
  • Nine paid vacations
  • 7 days family ill leave
  • Retirement investment
  • Credit union
  • Military leave
  • Co-paid team hospitalization and life insurance for sale in service location

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