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Beaufort County EMS is a department of Beaufort County and serves its neighborhood really. Beaufort County's EMS Program began in August of 1974 in Beaufort, South Carolina. The idea regarding the system would be to change a currently current emergency service managed by several funeral service domiciles with a county operated system of trained and inspired paramedic's and help these medics aided by the gear and supplies required to deal with numerous emergency situations. It must be noted that also its initial phases, the program's handling of cardiac customers was to be an emphasized area of effort.

Today we're an extremely trained and a well-equipped ambulance service. Within webpage you will notice where we assist town to deliver crisis health care. We have special groups for instance the Special Weapons and Tactics Medics or our bicycle teams for large events. We are the hub for the low-country Regional Medical Assistance Team (RMAT) For disaster recovery or catastrophic occasions. Additionally, there are many state-of-the-art pieces of equipment we have to offer the requirements of those who work in our community we're indeed there when you need united states many.

Mailing Address:

County of Beaufort, South Carolina, United States Of America
P.O. Drawer 1228
Beaufort, South Carolina

Office 843-255-5368
Fax 843-525-4032

EMS is a Department of Beaufort County Government

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