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Virginia Beach, Va. - a News 3 examination caused a firestorm on the web.

a misuse associated with the system had been exposed as soon as we uncovered that an elderly couple labeled as the fire department 1, 100 times within the last few 36 months in Virginia Beach.

Virginia seashore firefighters call it an evergrowing issue say a lot of people call the fire division for non-emergencies.

Shirley Niemiec calls the fire division on a daily basis.

Her husband requires help getting in and up out of bed two times a day.

The problem was addressed at a current town council meeting.

Virginia seashore City Manager Dave Hansen stated, “We as a community safety response staff will respond to those telephone calls until we can change our running conditions at approval of our town council.” Hansen also city leaders will work now create a solution for folks who say they may not be entitled to socials solutions but can’t pay for house health and make use of the fire department as a remedy to non-emergency issues.

With an increase of and more middle-agers the aging process, town leaders say it's an evergrowing issue.

“Unfortunately the numbers of these assists have become extraordinary therefore we are looking at placing guidelines into result that will assist as best we are able to to locate them other assistance to help them in the home doing non-emergency care of those residents, ” stated Hansen

And there’s an impression on taxpayers.

The fire department claims it is extremely tough to calculate these types of costs.

The Virginia Beach Firefighter Union president said 1, 100 requires service would equal somewhere between $250, 000 to virtually half a million dollars.

William Bailey said the impact comes for most different facets like fuel expenses, firefighter salaries and maintenance on fire vehicles.

Whenever you study the amount of miles inside certain case there have been roughly 3, 900 miles wear the various fire vehicles dispatched to this home. They reside about 1.8 kilometers from Fire facility 19 .

When considering the kilometers alone, it would be like driving from Virginia to Ca to Colorado.

Virginia seashore District Chief Kenneth Pravetz said, “The fire division is funded through taxpayer dollars, so that the taxpayers tend to be investing in it.”

He said that when you appear on firefighter wages and fuel costs alone it results in about $65 per telephone call.

Firefighters are paid the same sum of money no real matter what types of calls each goes on, therefore including that expense is debatable on whether or not to consist of that in price estimate.

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