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After responding to an incident, a fire department finishes the correct NFIRS modules. Each module gathers a typical pair of information that defines the type for the telephone call, those things firefighters took in response toward call, plus the results, including firefighter and civil casualties and a property reduction estimation.

The fire division forwards its information toward state agency accountable for NFIRS data. The agency collects data from all participating departments within the condition and states the put together data to USFA.

You will find 11 modules in NFIRS. The fundamental Module could be the primary module, which can be completed for many incidents. Others segments are filled out as needed, to give you additional event information.

Module Information Notable Functions
Fundamental General information for every single incident. The address field is formatted allowing computerized inquiries and street-based address matching for GIS reasons.
Fire Used to report fire incident information. Numerous factors causing the reason for the fire may be reported. This permits recognition of juvenile fire involvement in fires, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco cigarette interacting with each other, plus medications and youth involvement by age categories.
Structure Fire Regularly capture all about structure fires. Includes information regarding recognition and automated suppression systems, such as for instance range, power, effectiveness, functional failure.
Civilian Fire Casualty Always report fire-related civilian injuries or fatalities. Defines exactly what the individual was doing when injured, facets leading to damage, and the nature and reason behind injury.
Fire Service Casualty Pre-owned anytime there was a fire service casualty. Catches information regarding wellness exposures to poisonous drugs and safety equipment issues.
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Optional module utilized only when the fire division provides EMS. Data gathered is incident-based, not patient-based.
Dangerous Materials Recommended component utilized whenever hazardous products sources tend to be dispatched or releases or spills exceeding 55 gallons. Accumulates all about the geographic area suffering from the spill, populace evacuated, containers, and launch amount.
Wildland Fire Optional module to recapture data concerning the wide range of miles burned, the kind of materials included, the conditions that added into scatter regarding the fires, therefore the resources needed seriously to get a handle on or extinguish all of them. Accumulates information on elements that added towards the fire’s level, like the wildland gas types and also the climate involved.
Apparatus or sources Optional component to handle and keep track of equipment and sources made use of at an event. Tracks exactly what kinds and how lots of each type of device are acclimatized to correctly mitigate situations. Useful for planning reaction to future situations.
Personnel Optional module to manage and keep track of employees and resources utilized at an event. Information gathered may be used for manning studies.
Arson Recommended component for intentionally-set fire information.

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