Central Volunteer Fire Department

Central Volunteer Fire Department


The organization’s mission was, and remains today to prevent loss of everyday lives and property, to preserve good order and equalize responsibilities.

Here information has been compiled from papers discovered in the fire company archives. It really is a brief history taken from original papers dated 1948 - recorded facts, very carefully chosen and supplemented by information garnered from guys who took a dynamic part in the early talks and group meetings that resulted in the business of the company.

If the Glens Falls City Fire Department discovered that they could no longer, by any means guarantee town of Queensbury fire-protection, plans to furnish our own defense became necessary. The concept of forming a Fire Company, to-be located away from town is talked about for a period of years. One of several a few ideas explored was to have one company using fire truck housed in certain main area additionally the employees becoming drawn from the whole Town of Queensbury. It had been suggested that Town (of Queensbury) purchase a truck and home it in town (of Glens Falls). The other or two city firemen would drive it to your fires. Our volunteer firemen would after that dominate the work of actually battling the fire. These many other a few ideas were talked about and abandoned. Eventually the western part of the town formed a business known these days because the western Glens Falls Volunteer Fire Company. For some time they attempted to protect town with a homemade truck. This proved inadequate.

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