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Delmar Volunteer Fire Department

The Delmar Fire division was arranged October 16, 1921. After that numerous Chartered and Honorary customers, thirty four Life Members also today’s Active Members, have watched the Delmar Fire division grow.

"Service for other individuals" is its long-standing motto. Since 1921 the security has sounded obviously and resoundingly for residence fires, rescues, solution telephone calls, and medical assistance.

From a small building at first for this center, from a single little piece of equipment to the present existing equipment addressing all phases of problems, the Delmar Fire Department is still growing for "Service for other people".

The Fire Prevention terms "Let’s Go!" from years ago is still their particular call to duty regardless of the types of crisis when the alarm sounds. This can be continuously echoed within the minds of most users serving the community.

The Delmar Fire Department Volunteer always recalls that task indicates a huge value: safety for many worried. A residential area that has security means comfort, freedom, joy, contentment, democracy, unhampered belief and religion, and most importantly, an unaltered way of living.

Those that have offered as volunteers in the Delmar Fire Department completed their responsibilities whatever workplace they usually have held. They kept in mind that effective completion of the responsibilities would bring forth the Fire Department it is these days.

These days the division answers an average of 600 fire calls annually, and over 1, 500 ambulance calls a-year with an energetic membership of 75 firefighters, Paramedic and EMT workers, as well as a highly skilled women Auxiliary that supports our department constantly.

Our current equipment includes: A Command car, a Traffic Control device, a Brush car, two system Pumpers, a motor Pumper Tanker, a 4, 000 Gallon Tanker, a Rescue Vehicle, a Ladder Truck, two Ambulances, one diesel Pick-up, one Van, and a Model A Fire Vehicle, all housed in around 18, 000 sq ft facility that features Paramedic quarters, conference areas, and a banquet hall.

Today, for those who are people in the Delmar Fire Department there's a mission in life: to fulfill each and every responsibility entrusted for them. They strive to be one of the "most readily useful" within our "Service for other individuals" in both Maryland and Delaware as a Bi-State Community Organization.

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