Charleston Fire Department

Charleston SC Fire Department Hiring

The City of Southern Charleston features four fire stations strategically put for the town. These are generally staffed round the clock seven days per week.

Facility 1 315 4th Avenue
Facility 2 4911 McClung Street
Station 3 1112 Weberwood Drive
Facility 4 10 Camp Way

The department has 40 full-time job firefighters available all of the time, providing 24 hour protection everyday of the season. All full-time firefighters need to finish america division of Labor Journeyman Firefighter plan within three-years of preliminary work. Additionally, every full-time firefighter is an urgent situation Medical Technician, certified in dangerous response, and been trained in all procedures of Technical Rescue.

The fire division not merely responds to fires, but many other styles of emergencies aswell. This can include car crash extrication, restricted area relief, water relief, trench rescues, high-angle rescue, architectural failure, and dangerous product situations. The department reacts along with the Kanawha County crisis Ambulance Authority as health fast responders, and all sorts of engine organizations include cardiac defibrillators.

South Charleston Fire Department’s gear includes four engine companies with one book engine, 2 relief products, a 55-foot ladder truck, a hazardous products truck and trailers, a trench rescue trailer, and a technical rescue product.

And each one of these services, the fire department also provides courses the general public. Some recently offered classes feature CPR, fire extinguisher usage, fire protection, first aid, and shelter-in-place. The division preserves an ongoing relationship with area industrial organizations and organizations through on-site training in local flowers. Companies are also urged to join the Kanawha Valley lifetime secured plan, which offers fire inspections, fire warden and employee instruction.

For Several PROBLEMS Dial 911

All Numbers are for NON-EMERGENCY use only

Burning permits are issued involving the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. There's absolutely no cost for burning licenses. Just dead vegetation (small tree limbs not as much as 2 ins in diameter, etc.) will be authorized. Burning to build materials, roofing materials, tires ad garbage tend to be purely prohibited. To learn more call 744-0075.

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