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Houston Volunteer Firefighter

The Houston Fire Department had been established in 1838 with one station, Protection Company # 1. It grew to a volunteer fire department condition with three channels by 1859. After having offered volunteer firefighting services for 57 years, the City of Houston Fire Department began spending its firefighters in 1895. HFD may be the thirdlargest fire division in the usa and is in charge of keeping life and home to a population of more than 2 million in an area totaling 654 square kilometers.

These days's modern-day fire service is currently undergoing a transitional procedure. During the last several years, HFD has actually developed into an extremely sophisticated public security relief system that conserved hundreds of lives and decreased the severity of countless injuries and illnesses. The Houston Fire Department has actually a vision that guides the business towards superiority. That goal is achieved through deliberate preparation, adaptability therefore the nerve to embrace challenges and opportunities.

Vision Statement

HFD are going to be thought to be a leading public service organization, respected and admired by our peers and neighborhood as the utmost diverse, innovative, and efficient public protection provider in the world.

Where do you want to get?
To continually evolve to meet our clients’ requirements. We can't stop developing. For-instance, you can find fire divisions that felt these were in place to just run fire calls. They not exist of course they are doing, it's on a tremendously small spending plan. We now have always evolved; disaster health solutions, dangerous materials, technical rescue, homeland protection are all services that people today identify as core services.

What do we want to become?
The greatest we are able to be for our community. The important thing is to play towards talents and play your role.

Just what do you want to achieve?
Exceed our customers’ expectations…

Just how can you want to be seen/perceived?
As professional, knowledgeable, good and caring… as a part of the Community.

How can we want to be addressed because of the Community and by both?
With respect, consideration, understanding, acceptance and treatment. There is a direct connection amongst the method we treat one another & our customers and also the method we are identified. We must comprehend, exercise (train), apply and always ensure proper risk management. This is how we run on EMS calls, fire situations, operating, and across the station…Always.

Mission Report

To save lots of lives, shield property, and offer our neighborhood with nerve, dedication and compassion.

HFD exists to offer our people (the general public). Our selection of responsibilities is ever changing, but our standard areas of service are prevention and enforcement, public knowledge, pre-hospital crisis care & transport, and fire control. Our solution has actually evolved to incorporate dangerous materials, technical relief, tactical medication, quick water rescue, and social service telephone calls. We are the “one-stop” shopping that residents can rely on. Once they call we just ask a few pre-determined questions, react rapidly, resolve their particular problems, and leave in the same way quickly as we came. No red-tape on either end….no other government company works in very the same way.


Courage, Commitment, and Compassion

Core Values

  • The conservation of life continues to be the no. 1 goal of HFD, beginning with the responder and expanding into public. Our people must certanly be fairly free from risk and harmful functions. Because of the best gear and training, the department decrease the chance to your public and its particular users anyway emergency situations. We agree to medical, safety, and welfare of our people, therefore safeguarding all of them and improving ability and ability. We try to eradicate preventable work-related injuries and conditions through the systematic handling of our risks.
  • Reliability- Our commitment to the public we provide is unwavering and consistent. This commitment is fully expressed within our motto: “Courage, willpower, and Compassion”.
  • Teamwork - Teamwork may be the foundation of our success. We are a group because we appreciate one another, town we provide, and our commitment to the HFD goal.
  • Dedication- The faithful observance of responsibility beckons united states to satisfy our obligations professionally and truly.
  • Bravery - Courage is the first step toward our character. Bravery may be the ability to get over worry through fortitude, impulse, compassion for other people and instruction.

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