Southwick Fire Department

Fire Service requirements

EBMUD calculates the price of the services(s) and forwards to applicant the professional Fire Service contract.

Step 5: Applicant makes repayment

Candidate comes back signed agreements and pays complete installation fee by post or perhaps in person. Applicant may phone (510) 287-1008 to schedule an appointment to pay in person.

Action 6: EBMUD makes work orders (1 to 3 weeks)

EBMUD prepares work orders and processes repayment. EBMUD is applicable for either a city, county or condition encroachment permit for street work on your website.

Action 7: EBMUD installs meter (four to six months)

After completion of work instructions and bill of the encroachment license, EBMUD schedules the service installation.

Action 8: Fire service switched on

Applicant and/or their contractor contacts the area fire marshal and EBMUD's Backflow protection device at (510) 287-0874 to create a scheduled appointment to show on fire service.


The cost to install the fire solution depends upon service dimensions and conditions in the website. The sum total price should include:

  • Installation fee
  • Contaminated grounds remediation and disposal (if needed)
  • Account Fee

Installation Fee

The essential set up fee includes the price of setting up the fire solution, meter box, fittings, and link with existing liquid foremost under regular problems and is subject to alter. For solutions four-inches or bigger, the charge also contains installing of a detector check meter. Services ten-inches or larger tend to be installed at real expense.

Service Size (Inches) Flow (in gallons each minute) Paved Unpaved
1-1/2 100 $6, 379 $3, 148
160 $7, 301 $3, 468
600 $19, 554 $17, 554
1350 $20, 830 $18, 830
2340 $28, 893 $26, 893

Test calculation

The cost to install one four-inch fire solution to offer an apartment building could be computed the following:

Fundamental Installation Fee
Account Establishment Fee $52
Total $17, 606 $19, 606

Hydrant/fire service demands

  • The local fire marshal may need installing a community fire hydrant because of the new personal fire solution. A Hydrant/Fire provider Requirements form needs to be completed because of the regional fire marshal and submitted with your application package. If a fire hydrant is required, you need to have the fire marshal level the area associated with the hydrant from the finalized web site plan.
  • Fire solutions tend to be installed often in the curb or behind the sidewalk. They are NOT set up at or in the property range.
  • If you install the fire line before the fire solution is installed, we advice staying 10 legs back from the proposed point of link with facilitate the tie-in.
  • Something for both domestic use and fire protection (double service) could be issued for single-family residences or multi-family residences as approved because of the fire marshal. Other multi-family and commercial structures need an independent committed fire service.

Brand new water service regulations

  • Backflow Protection System
  • Contaminated Soils

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