Rural Fire Service jobs

Employment because of the NSW RFSPositions in the NSW remote Fire provider (NSW RFS) are promoted in the NSW national Jobs web site.

Additionally, outlying positions could be promoted in outlying papers as required.

What type of work is obtainable in the NSW RFS?

The NSW RFS uses a range of people who have a number of abilities and differing backgrounds. Really, the task performed at local and District levels includes:

  • Membership (Brigade administration, Learning and developing, OHS&R etc)
  • Operations (reaction, danger administration, minimization, preparing and neighborhood wedding)
  • Infrastructure (brigade channels, fleet, communications, IT an such like), and
  • Control.

Our business areas consist of jobs inside aspects of:

  • ecological preparation and evaluation
  • development control
  • business preparation
  • research
  • finance
  • information technology
  • volunteer assistance
  • recruiting
  • manufacturing
  • manager services

just to identify several.

Where could I work?

The NSW RFS is situated in over 150 centers right across NSW. Nearly all these centers can be found in Districts. However, we four Regional workplaces (North, South, East and West), three customer support Centres (Glendenning, Coffs Harbour and Batemans Bay) and Operational and Mitigation Services bases plus our Headquarters at Lidcombe.

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