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The nationwide Fire Academy (NFA) Board of Visitors (BOV) plays an important role in supporting the scholastic stature associated with the NFA. The main reason for the BOV will be:

  • Evaluation NFA programs to ensure they match the fundamental mission of this U.S. Fire Administration (USFA).
  • Make sure NFA facilities are adequate with their designated purposes.
  • Always make sure proper investment amounts for NFA programs.
  • Provide solid advice and recommendations towards USFA.

Members of the BOV are chosen from experts in the areas of fire security, fire avoidance, education and education, fire control, analysis and development in fire protection, therapy and rehabilitation of fire victims, municipality solutions administration and off their professional companies to make certain a balanced representation of fire and emergency services interests. Authority for the BOV originates from Public Law 93-498, the Federal Fire protection and Control Act of 1974.

BOV members

Mr. Adam Thiel (Seat)
Fire Commissioner
City of Philadelphia
240 Spring Outdoors St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Mr. Randal Novak (Vice Chair)
1424 Nebraska Ave.
Ames, IA 50014
Chief Kevin Quinn
National Volunteer Fire Council
7852 Walker Drive, Suite 375
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Ms. Christina Kiefer
Division Chief/Fire Marshal
San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District
1500 Bollinger Canyon Path
San Ramon, CA 94583
Chief Steven Westermann
Central Jackson County Fire Protection District
805 NE Jefferson
Blue Springs, MO 64014
Mr. Andrew Pantelis
District Vice-president
International Association of Firemen
16701 Melford Blvd., Suite 124
Bowie, MD 20715
Assistant Chief Kwame Cooper
L . A . Fire Division

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