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International Fire Association

History PictureThe International Fire provider Training Association (IFSTA) was created in 1934. The goal of IFSTA will be determine areas of requirement for instruction products and foster the development and validation of training products for fire solution and relevant places. IFSTA is a link of fire solution personnel who're focused on upgrading fire fighting strategies and protection through instruction.

The IFSTA Validation meeting is held each July. Committees of technical specialists meet and work on the seminar handling the existing requirements of the National Fire Protection Association also standards-making teams because they apply to IFSTA-validated manuals. These committees also meet in January and throughout every season as needed. These technical specialists review all handbook drafts and verify that contents are legitimate. Committee members are typical volunteers whom participate due to dedication to the fire solution and its future through education.

Fire-protection magazines, a department for the university of Engineering, Architecture, and tech at Oklahoma State University, may be the head office for IFSTA. Fire-protection Publications’ major purpose is to publish and disseminate training manuals as recommended and validated by IFSTA.About Us Landing Image fire-protection magazines researches, acquires, creates, and areas top-notch learning and training guides that complement the IFSTA-validated manuals.

IFSTA Mission and Values

To get the Oklahoma State University Mission, and in cooperation using Global Fire Service Training Association, the objective of fire-protection magazines is usually to be the fire service frontrunner in producing good quality, technically accurate, advanced, and affordable fire education and educational materials.

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