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March 13 - 16, 2017 in Richmond, KY 2017 nationwide Fire research training curriculum

In 2010 Investigations Institute/Fire Seminar is bringing you a whole new discovering experience. Sponsored by NAFI, IAFI and Eastern Kentucky University on March 13-16, 2017, participants need the opportunity to benefit from EKU's advanced services and accept...

Our 2017 Global Advanced Fire Investigation Training Program explores the partnership involving the needs of NFPA 1033 while the science of NFPA 921. For more than 25 many years, NAFI is truth be told there since day one within forefront associated with improvement NFPA 921. Turn to NAFI for superior...

September 18 - 21, 2017 in Lexington, KY car Fire research training course

The 9th Vehicle Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation Science and tech Seminar is designed to meet with the education needs for the Certified car Fire Investigator Certification Program founded by the nationwide certificates Board. The investigation of fires and explosions in...

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