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How To Become A Firefighter In Louisiana?

Start your journey through getting free information about firefighter programs towards you:

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• becoming avove the age of 18
• live within reasonable distance of regional fire section
• Pass a health check
• Hold a valid driver’s license and Social safety card
• have actually a clean criminal background

Similarly, like those of sister states, regional fire divisions in Louisiana have differing additional needs. Such work qualifications requirements can range from EMT certification, to dangerous products training, to a two-year associate’s degree.

The Program Process:

Beyond the above-mentioned criteria, all similarity with other states stops. As opposed to individual public subsectors, Louisiana lumps firefighting and authorities workers collectively as a single number of civil servants. By further comparison, hawaii employs an individualized categorization scheme that distinguishes neighborhood fire departments into municipal service and non-civil service classifications.

The initial step to becoming a Louisiana firefighter is applying within municipal civil service board in city or “fire protection” district of desired work. After application analysis, the area civil service board either approves or disapproves candidate admission to an Entrance Firefighter Examination. This Can Be competitive civil service exam administered because of the Workplace of State Examiner Municipal Fire and Police Civil Provider (“OSE”). A different pre-test application is required and it takes the very least score of 75 per cent for passage.

Effective examinees must report their passing ratings towards exact same neighborhood civil service board that they initially applied. The board after that places the applicant’s name on an avowed eligibility record so it submits toward local appointing authority. Then, the appointing authority are at freedom to pick any firefighter candidate(s) it deems “qualified” centered on its very own pre-established requirements.

Instruction and Certification:

Upon appointing expert choice, brand new firefighter recruits must acquire Firefighter we certification by training program conclusion at an authorized instructional facility and extensive exam passage. Some local fire divisions in Louisiana keep their instruction academics. The ones that don’t merely deliver their particular rookies elsewhere for the requisite education and base the university fees costs.

The following is all of the a few schools in Louisiana that provide different firefighter certifications training for entry-level, subspecialty, and higher-level positions.

LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute
6868 Nicholson Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Jefferson Parish Fire Instruction
200 East St
Bridge City, LA 70094

Shreveport Fire Academy
6440 Greenwood Road
Shreveport, LA 71119

Bossier City Fire Division TrainingDivision
620 Benton Rd.
Bossier City, LA 71171

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