Fire Prevention Week

Greenville County Fire Department

The Building protection division is dedicated to the enforcement of building rules to safeguard the public health, security and basic welfare your and home from fire also hazards caused by the built environment, and to supply the citizens and designers for the county with competent, constant, polite and appropriate inspection services.


Inspections may be planned through the Greenville County automatic Inspection System. The outcomes of the planned assessments can be accessed through this technique. The machine can be acquired 24-hours everyday seven days a week for your convenience. So that you can utilize the system you must know your phone access code or application permit number, both are situated in your license, and also accessibility to a touch tone telephone.

Merely stick to the format below and you will be capable set up your inspections and hear the outcome of those inspections you've got scheduled.


See our On The Web Inspection System
To be able to utilize this site to set up inspections or enjoy outcomes you have to have your phone accessibility signal located on your permit(s).

Each trade permit possesses its own accessibility number. E.I. Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing. The mobile Access Number is situated more or less between your license. This number is a particular PIN quantity for that permit, and will just allow use of the assessment system for the specific permit(s).

Simply follow the instructions on the website to schedule inspections or accept results of an inspection. Inspections are planned for the next business day or a romantic date later on, generally this is simply not suggested above 90 ahead of time.

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