Grasonville Volunteer Fire

Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department

history_4The Grasonville Volunteer Fire division was first created in the summer of 1958. There were 36 initial charter users in 1958. These thirty-six guys, together with nothing but a desire to offer their particular community, founded one of several best fire businesses in Maryland.

The thirty six charter users began with absolutely nothing a lot more than a vision. Collectively, with the County Commissioners, they purchased a fire motor from Civil Defense for $100. The members housed this motor in a garage behind the Grasonville Post Office. Just how performed they react to fires, someone might ask? When there is an emergency, residents would telephone either Leonard Smith's Store or Holly's restaurant, in which the users frequently gathered. Within modern era of Computer assisted Dispatch and broadcast Pagers, anyone half-way familiar with the fire service in times of old must shake there mind in bewilderment, but it struggled to obtain them.

The Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department has already established a lengthy custom to be first. The Grasonville Volunteer Fire division became initial relief company in Queen-Anne's County plus in 1971 the division became the 1st division in Queen-Anne's County to own a Hurst tool (Jaws-of-Life Rescue device). This standard of being initially was up held through the years as demonstrated in 1999 if the Grasonville Volunteer Fire division became initial Department in Queen-Anne's County to have a Thermal Imager.

As our neighborhood grew so performed the fire department, in 1960 Governor of Maryland G. Millard Tawes presided within the commitment for the Grasonville Volunteer Fire division's Fire facility (Queen Anne's County Sta. 2). That Fire facility features remained reasonably untouched for 45 many years. When Oyster Cove ended up being built, the Grasonville Vol. Fire Department underwent another huge modification by adding a Truck company. The first Ladder Truck had been purchased in 1986 from Owings Mills and ended up being a 1957 Ward-LaFrance. In 1992 the division bought Ladder 16 a Seagrave from New york NY. In 1998 the Department purchased its very first brand new and current Ladder Truck, a 1998 105' Pierce Quint (Ladder w/Pump).


The Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department whilst stands today has roughly 90 members, five major firefighting/rescue equipment, a brush truck, a fire watercraft, and even more importantly, the respect and admiration associated with community we provide. The Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department has had only Six Fire Chiefs in 54 many years, the 6th and current Chief Jason Anthony, Sr. is aware of in which we've come from and appears forward to the long term. He seems forward to the replacement associated with Fire facility. The fire solution changed dramatically in just 54 years. Firefighters now are required to take care of hazardous products calls, difficult rescue circumstances, and calls concerning weapons of mass destruction. It's an extremely different fire department from the one that had been founded in the summertime of 1958, additionally the times of responding in a $100 fire-engine from back of Grasonville Post Office. Our Fire division has progressed to responding in two a million dollar fire equipment to an ever switching community. The one thing which has had constantly remained continual, is the identical thing that charter users had at the very first conference in the Knights of Pythias Hall Lodge no. 115, the want to provide their neighborhood.

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