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Volunteer Firefighter Application form

The Rockville Volunteer Fire division welcomes the application for account. Before you apply please very carefully review the info entirely on this site to learn about the many benefits of volunteering, plus the substantial time obligations required of each and every of our specific users.

After applications are posted, individuals have to go to a free informational session provided by our headquarters section in downtown Rockville where time they tour the place and now have an opportunity to inquire about volunteering.

All candidates must go through a criminal background check and pass a physical (supplied free of charge).

It could take 3-9 days to process the job.

Preliminary communications with candidates are by e-mail. To make sure that the job is prepared on very first possible day, it's important you regularly track your mail and quickly react to RVFD inquiries.

Rockville Volunteer Fire division has followed a paperless application.

The Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is the same Chance Employer. It values variety at work. Gents and ladies of centuries should use without regard to social and cultural backgrounds, religious belief, governmental affiliation, nationwide origin, or intimate positioning.

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