24 Green Flashing Strip Light

Volunteer Firefighter strobe lights

316.2397 Specific lights restricted; exceptions.—

(1) No person shall drive or move or reason to be moved any car or gear upon any highway in this condition with any lamp or device thereon showing or displaying a purple or blue light visible from directly in front thereof aside from specific vehicles hereinafter supplied.

(2) it really is expressly forbidden for car or gear, except authorities automobiles, showing or display blue lights. But cars had, run, or leased by the Department of Corrections or any county correctional company may show or display blue lights whenever responding to emergencies.

(3) Vehicles of fire department and fire patrol, including automobiles of volunteer firefighters as permitted under s. 316.2398, cars of medical staff doctors or specialists of medical facilities licensed because of the state as authorized under s. 316.2398, ambulances as authorized under this chapter, and buses and taxicabs as authorized under s. 316.2399 may show or show purple lights. Automobiles associated with fire division, fire patrol, authorities vehicles, and these types of ambulances and disaster cars of municipal and county divisions, public service corporations operated by private corporations, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of transport, the Department of Agriculture and customer Services, in addition to division of Corrections as tend to be designated or authorized by their particular division or perhaps the main of police of an incorporated city or any sheriff of any county may function emergency lights and sirens in a crisis. Wreckers, mosquito control fog and squirt cars, and crisis cars of government departments or public service corporations may show or show emerald lights whenever in actual procedure or when a hazard is present offered they are not made use of probably and through the scene of operation or danger without certain authorization of a law enforcement officer or law enforcement agency. Wreckers must make use of amber rotating or blinking lights while doing recoveries and loading on the roadside time or night, that will utilize these types of lights while towing an automobile on wheel lifts, slings, or under get to if the operator regarding the wrecker deems these types of lights necessary. A flatbed, vehicle service, or rollback cannot make use of emerald rotating or blinking lights when hauling a vehicle regarding the bed unless it creates a hazard to many other motorists as a result of protruding objects. More, escort automobiles may show or display amber lights when in actual procedure of escorting overdimensioned gear, product, or structures as authorized legally. Cars had or rented by personal security companies may show or display green and amber lights, with either shade becoming no greater than 50 per cent regarding the lights exhibited, whilst the protection employees tend to be involved with safety responsibilities on exclusive or community home.

(4) path or street maintenance gear, road or road maintenance vehicles, road service vehicles, refuse collection cars, petroleum tankers, and post service cars may show or display emerald lights whenever in operation or a threat...

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