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Volunteer Firefighter Alberta

The fire and relief solution the most diverse and challenging professions. It really is this variety that inspires most people to go into the service – both as volunteers and profession employees. Imagine being forced to teach for situations such as for example building fires, hazardous chemical spills, cardiac arrest, automobile accidents, and virtually any imaginable disaster scenario in-between. This diversity must be satisfied by the commitment of firefighters to respond to calls day or evening, in rain or snowfall, under potentially stressful and mental circumstances. A few of these elements play a role in a personally fulfilling volunteer knowledge.

You may need more than simply a desire to assist people and present returning to the community, however. You also require courage and commitment, assertiveness, and a willingness to understand new skills and deal with brand-new challenges. The fire and rescue solution just isn't when it comes to meek or timid, nor is it for many who shed control of their feelings during times during the crisis. Our solution is just one that calls on its people to perform hot, sweaty, dirty, intense work, often in uncertain and hazardous surroundings. The private incentives and satisfaction received from the fire and rescue solution tend to be beyond description. Accomplishment, compassion and satisfaction are just a few of the words firefighters used to describe their particular emotions about their particular position.


  • A Canadian Course 5 Motorists License (minimum)
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Ability to understand and communicate in English (written and dental)
  • Physically able to perform tasks/duties of this task
  • In a position to commit to education and react to disaster calls
  • Real time and/or work with the reaction location
  • No conviction of a criminal offense regarding the job duties of a firefighter


  • Act as element of a group to answer crisis circumstances
  • Protect citizens in times during the crisis
  • Complete the tasks of disaster responder, fire suppression, and community education as assigned
  • Learn the skills of an emergency responder
  • Respond to an easy number of disaster circumstances
  • Provide pre-hospital look after sufferers
  • Be a residential area part model
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining skills/knowledge and physical demands
  • Maintain fire station plus the upkeep of firefighting gear


  • Busy
  • Team-oriented
  • Diverse

If you should be maybe not literally capable come to be a firefighter, your talents are welcome in fire avoidance, youth programming, radio communications and other roles in the fire stations.

Did You Know?

  • 80% of firefighters in Alberta tend to be volunteers.
  • 97per cent of Alberta's fire departments are operate by volunteers.

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