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Ready Reserve Wildland Fire Instruction

DNR sponsors this wildland fire training with support from the U.S. division of Indoor.

Through this system your fire area might entitled to:

  • Wildland firefighting classes taught in your community free after meeting requirements in accordance with at least registration of 15 pupils.
  • Training by skilled trainers.
  • Fire-protection areas and departments that aren't eligible may however register pupils, but might be required to benefit teacher and products.

    Possibilities because of this instruction might be offered to fire-protection districts and divisions in Washington state that:

  • Have actually volunteer users.
  • Offer communities with a population of 10, 000 or a lot fewer residents.
  • Border on or feature a division of Interior company (Bureau of Land control, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Fish & Wildlife Service) within its defense area OR currently have a Wildland Fire Response Agreement with a division of Indoor company.
  • Volunteer Fire Help Grants

    Administered by DNR through capital through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this grant system provides a 50 per cent match for expenditures of individual protective gear and general equipment.

    The Volunteer Fire help Grant Program* is administered in 2 levels annually:

  • Stage 1 – private defensive gear (PPE) as well as other fire gear can be had annually through DNR fire cache (see Phase 1 purchase website link below) at a 50% financial savings. The 2016 Phase 1 grant and shopping cart application is now closed. After that many years grant is anticipated to start about March 10, 2017.
  • Stage 2 – provides 50per cent financing for several task types including fire equipment, communications, education, avoidance and much more. The 2017 grant application period is shut.
  • Possibilities for those grants may be accessible to fire-protection districts and divisions in Washington state that:

  • Respond to wildland fire on exclusive, condition, or national lands.
  • Provide a residential area greater than 10, 000 residents AND a site area that includes a rural community of less than 10, 000 residents.
  • Have one of the following agreements at this time positioned with DNR:
  • Forest Land Response Agreement & Federal Give Agreement or
  • Fire District Aid Contract with Attachment A (Support Grants).
  • * Grants may possibly not be readily available yearly influenced by capital. Phone 360-902-1300 for details.

    Firefighter Property Program*

    This system helps fire protection areas and fire departments have fire engines and fire tenders (vehicles that bring liquid, foam, or dry chemical compounds to fire vehicles in the field) ideal for low-cost conversion to wildland make use of. Fire districts have the name into property. Areas might have to pay the cost of moving the vehicle from an out-of-state place (about two-thirds associated with cars positioned through this program originate from other says).

    Possibilities to acquire gear through the program might accessible to fire protection districts and fire departments in Washington suggest that:

  • Accept put the vehicle in service within a year of using control.
  • Keep up with the car operating for another 12 months after placing it in-service.
  • Get one of after agreements currently in position with DNR:
  • Woodland Land Response Agreement & Federal Give Agreement, or
  • Fire District Aid Agreement
  • *This program, with some exceptions, replaces the Federal extra Property system (FEPP) in Washington condition.

    NOTICE: The Department of Army has changed access requirements to Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM).

    Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP)

    DNR maintains biennial stocks of equipment currently on loan to fire areas and helps dump FEPP equipment when fire areas are done using it. DNR no further assigns equipment to fire areas under the program.

    Fire areas looking to dispose of FEPP gear must finish and submit a FEPP Disposal Form. Follow directions provided regarding the type.

    For help, contact DNR's Fire District Assistance system at 360-902-1300.

    According to Federal legislation and U.S. division of Agriculture plan, DNR will not discriminate on the basis of battle, shade, national source, sex, age or disability. However, should you desire to submit a discrimination problem, kindly compose to:

    USDA, Director
    Office of Civil-rights

    Area 326-W, Whitten Building

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