Steps to become Firefighter

The Fort Wayne Fire Department welcomed its newest class of recruits Monday, several 10 guys and one girl who're meant to revolutionize the division.

Unlike other academy classes, every member of the latest course is a paramedic.

Mayor Tom Henry, in inviting the recruits, told them to understand what these people were getting into and encouraged them these were already one thing special.

“You’re currently one up on everyone else. You will be currently paramedics, ” Henry told the prospects. “Not everyone made the cut” to stay the class. “You’re in a leadership position already.”

The class could be the first step in a move to have every firefighter when you look at the division be an avowed paramedic.

At this time, fire crews answer every disaster telephone call, and so they usually reach the scene first. But they are limited with what aid they are able to offer. They need to wait until an ambulance team arrives.

The goal is to transform the fire division from having the ability to supply basic life support to advanced life-support. This means firefighters have unlimited options whenever supplying aid at scene of an urgent situation and not have to wait extra moments for an ambulance to-arrive.

The goal is to involve some crews operating as advanced life support groups by the beginning of the 12 months.

Fire Chief Eric Lahey stated the recruits all look severe because “They discovered this morning that we tend to be serious men and women doing serious work. You're the ongoing future of our fire department. You can find individuals who say we’re not smart enough.”

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Steps to being a Firefighter
Steps to being a Firefighter

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