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A Mustang vandalized and put burning on November 18, 2016. (PPB)PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In the times following election we’ve seen reports of hate crimes against minorities along with attacks on Donald Trump followers.

Early Friday morning, Portland Police and firefighters had been known as to SE 9th and Ash st. to find a silver Mustang on fire.

The Mustang had a pro-Trump sticker-on it.

Chevonne Ball saw the fire in addition to graffiti — the Mustang has also been spray coated using terms, “FK Trump”

“We simply thought that there was clearly an automobile unstoppable. I was thinking the vehicle was indeed in any sort of accident, ” Ball informed KOIN 6 Information. “It ended up beingn’t until after the automobile was put out we saw the squirt paint back at my automobile.”

Ball’s very own Volvo had been parked right behind the burning up car with a similar paint task.

She thinks she ended up being just parked in the wrong destination on incorrect time.

“i am aware people are annoyed and sad and perplexed and so are really enthusiastic about that election, ” Ball said. “But vandalism and violence are not the answer. It cann’t resolve any problem, it only creates even more. We Must chat it and acquire through it and we will.”

Thankfully Ball managed to get the woman car washed up and she will nevertheless drive it, nevertheless the exact same can’t be said the Mustang.

One experience told police he heard a surge and saw an individual jumping positioned close to the Mustang after which running out of the burning vehicle. The suspect ended up being called slim, typical height and using dark garments.

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