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How to be a Firefighter in Colorado?

The written test is administered via computer during the Civil provider Commission’s workplace.

Movie Test:

Videos test is administered to authorities people upon effective conclusion associated with the written test. Fire candidates try not to simply take videotest. This test may take up to 5 hours to perform. Kindly plan your schedule appropriately. The outcomes are instant. You will definitely get your ratings when you leave. A while later, the Commission will notify you in the event the score is high enough is invited on for further handling.

Required Range Trips to Denver

This may depend on the Testing Calendar and academy start times; individuals should anticipate making 3-4 trips toDenver to perform the testing/screening. For more information

  • First travel: Test steps 1 thorough-3
  • Second travel: Test Phases 5 through 9, and you will be less than six days
  • 3rd journey: Test stage 11, and will be around one-day
  • 4th travel: Medical Evaluation and Fingerprinting, and you will be approximately 3 times

How can you prepare:

Normally it takes from six months to a-year to accomplish most of the testing/screening phases. As a result you can start to get ready by:

  • Pre-schedule a ride along or visit with a District Station.
  • Take a ride a long your geographical area.
  • Evaluation the Denver division of Safety Recruitment website for research product.
  • Study the written test

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